From Cabbage to Kraut

Check out the photo and see what 6 heads of cabbage made…well six heads of cabbage and a little hard work…
19 quarts of sauerkraut!

I tried this method of making kraut last March when cabbage was on sale over St. Patrick’s Day.  The results were wonderful, so I planted extra cabbage in the garden so I could make more.

The recipe is from an Amish cookbook…

In case you want to give it a try, here’s the recipe.
Cut up cabbage very fine and pack into jars.  Punch a hole down through the center.  In the hole put 1 t salt, 1 t sugar and 1 t vinegar.  Fill the jar with boiling water.  Loosely put lids on the jars…then let them sit for 6 weeks.  After the six weeks cold pack the jars for 30 minutes. 

The kraut is wonderful!  Check back later in the week and I’ll give you a recipe for our family’s favorite way to eat kraut.

9 thoughts on “From Cabbage to Kraut”

    1. It is actually a really fast process. I made a lot last year when cabbage was a penny a pound for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s nice because I wasn’t actually sealing the jars until six weeks later. By then I won’t mind the extra heat in the kitchen.

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  2. Elaine Weinig

    I make kraut the old way – cut it into a crock, work it with salt and let it sit at least 4 weeks. The idea of adding sugar and vinegar just strikes me wrong. Kraut according to my German ancestry is cabbage and salt – that’s it. Why vinegar and sugar?

  3. I see this is an old post but I’m drake hope you still check it. I have a question how do you do the cold packing process? Ive never done kraut but ive canned before but am lil confused cold packing 6 weeks after ( I’m guessing to let it fermet)please give me details thank you

  4. I followed the directions but the liquid somehow came out of the jars. Can I add more boiling water right before I cold bath it or what shall I do?

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