From a clunk to a purr….

My computer has been sounding more like a running engine than a computer.  I could hear it from the next room…Over the weekend, it got REALLY bad.  It sounded like it was going to die.   My son said it’s time for a new fan in the computer.  I called my computer guy…who I love…who has been my computer guy since he was 14….did I say I love him???  He makes house calls…tells stupid jokes and doesn’t treat me like an idiot when I ask dumb question.  Anyway, back to the story. He had me take the cover off the computer which totally scared me.


I have to find model numbers and all that stuff.  While I was there I decided to vacuum it out.  YUCK…lots of dust gets caught up in there….Kris warned me not to touch the mother board and to make sure the computer was off.  I concentrated most of the vacuuming on the fan.  WOW…what a difference!!  I can’t even hear the fan run and the clank is gone.  Twice I took the cover off just to make sure the fan was really running.  I wish I had done that long ago.  That noisy fan has been driving me completely crazy.

I debated whether to call Kris and not replace the fan…then the fan clunked and was back to it’s noisy self…then a few minutes later it was quiet again.  It’s been quiet and noisy on and off so yep…I still need a new fan but I am enjoying the intervals of quiet.  I learned a lesson too.  I really do need to take time to vacuum out that fan.  If I had, I don’t think I would be replacing the fan.

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