From a Blog Reader: Our Quilts

I’ve told you all many times that I love seeing pictures of the quilt you make with our patterns.  I really do and so does Kelli.  Seeing everyone take our idea and make it their own is the highest form of compliment.  We thank you.

I recently got an email from Bernadette.  She writes:
“…I have been wanting to get an e-mail out to you for some time.  In one of your blogs you mentioned if anyone made one of your quilt patterns you would like to see the quilt.  When our second daughter was about 13-15, she had a dark navy background flowery dress that was a beautiful print.  She is 39 now and would never wear it anymore.  I just couldn’t get rid of it because I thought the fabric was beautiful.  It was cotton so I decided I would use it in a quilt.  I took the dress apart, it had a full skirt giving plenty of fabric.  I looked for a pattern and found your Star Spangled Blue (Star Spangled Sky) pattern on Moda Bake Shop or something with Moda.

I then picked from my stash the colors that were in the fabric to highlight the star.  I was able to make a queen sized quilt.  I didn’t tell her about it.  Denette, her two kids and myself have a tradition to visit my brother and sister-in-law in the spring and fall, and take my finished quilts along for show and tell.  They always enjoy that.  When I opened the quilt with her dress, she was stunned.  She asked if the dark print was her dress.  I told her “yes.”the next comment was, “IS there a name on this quilt.”  I said,”not yet.”  Her next comment was, “can I have it?”  Of course she was going to get it.  I loved how it turned out, and I think I did one more layer around the star than what your pattern had.  I put my twist on it.  My Granddaughter had to have her picture on it.

Here is Bernadette’s quilt…complete with the cutest little kiddo.

Here’s another picture where you can see the backing fabric.  LOVE!!
Using the dress for fabric and making a memory quilt was a precious idea….anyone else have a daughter’s dress they are finding it hard to part with.  This idea is so cool!!

This was our version of the quilt…

Doesn’t it look so different with a lighter background??  Bernadette did an awesome job at making it her own.  What a challenge it must have been to see if there was enough dress fabric!!  Here is link to the pattern if anyone is interested.

Bernadette had more to share….

I did your “Homestead” pattern also for a 50th anniversary present for Larry and Darlene Throndson, on the 30th of November.  I also added embroidery salt houses of Faith, Hope, Love, Peace, and Joy.

Oh my I love this!!  It make me want to make one in this color way!!The loved the quilt.  I told them it was yours and Kelli’s pattern.  I have another quilt in the process now for a wedding next summer, and will probably make another after that flimsy is ready for quilting…..


You can find it in the May/June 2018 issue of McCall’s Quilting.

Here’s the actual quilt.


I love Bernadette’s idea of putting larger “panel” type pieces in the center of some of the blocks.  That would be a great way to make a baby quilt….Hmmm.  She has me thinking.  Oh my.  Isn’t it great how quilters can feed and get ideas from each other?  Oh I love that part.

Thanks so much for sharing your quilts Bernadette.  That was so sweet of you.  We so love seeing your work!!









7 thoughts on “From a Blog Reader: Our Quilts

  1. Libby in TN

    My mother made a Cathedral Window quilt with scraps from my clothing she had made over the years. I love looking at it and seeing an Easter dress, or mother-daughter dresses, or Scout camp shorts. I had no idea she had saved fabric, even from my baby dresses!

  2. Donna T

    Beautiful quilts! What a great idea to use the dress in a quilt! You always hear about making quilts out of men’ shirts but never dresses! What a wonderful surprise for her daughter!

  3. Judith Fairchild

    What a lovely idea of using special dresses that can no longer be worn.
    Enjoyed your letter and pictures

  4. Loris Mills

    What a sweet story and a beautiful quilt! Thanks to Bernadette also for the inspiration. I have a Laura Ashley dress made of something like Liberty cotton and this might be a fun way to continue enjoying it.


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