Frog Eye Salad

Grandma Kramer, my husband’s mom, was well known for her Frog Eye Salad.  I know, I know.  If you haven’t heard about this before you’re likely wondering, “frog eye???”.

The “frog eyes” are actually a pasta called acini de pipi.  It’s tiny macaroni.  I’ve always loved the salad.  It’s a very favorite of mine.  It has pineapple and mandarin oranges…it’s sweet and yummy.

I’ve loved having the recipe in my arsenal.  Anytime we are expecting a lot of people…graduation or showers I typically make it.  So much so that Kalissa calls it Graduation Salad.

Start out by draining the pineapple and mandarin oranges.  SAVE THE JUICE.  The juice is needed to make the “pudding”.  Note in the photo below that there was some juice left…I re-drained it. 
Mix the juice and the other pudding ingredients and cook on the stove.  It will thicken and turn into a “pudding”.  

Boil the noodles…

Add the cooled noodles and cooled pudding to the drained fruit.
tir then fold in the marshmallows and the cool whip.  The recipe calls for a 13 oz container of cool whip.  Apparently that’s another product that has “shrunk in size” as now they come in 12 oz containers.

Anyway…it looks like this….YUM!!  YUM!!This a sweet pineapple flavored salad…

The wonderful thing about this is that is will last in the refrigerator for a week.  A little liquid might form but pour it off and stir.  It’s so nice as this can be made a day or two before a big event giving a person time to do other things closer to the actual event.

This makes a LARGE-LARGE batch.

It was kind of funny.  Kayla had sent me a message telling me what she was up to.  In return I sent them pictures…then said this is what I’m doing.  

She sent back there emojis…

🐸 😋!  I interpreted that to mean “Frog Eye Salad…YUM!!”  HA!  She loves it too.

Give it a try and tell me what you think.

9 thoughts on “Frog Eye Salad”

  1. My mom used to make “frog eyes”, which was cooked and cooled large pearl tapioca, 2 T of strawberry jelli, a drained can of fruit cocktail and cool whip. Yummy and a lovely pink color.

  2. I made that frog eye salad for each one of my boy’s graduation. I haven’t made it in a long time probably not since Sam graduated which was 2014. Now you have me hungry for it. I always left the marshmallows out though.

  3. Never heard of this salad but thanks for sharing, its going on the list for the next big gathering. I love the name, Frog Eye Salad, lol

  4. Sounds yummy! I am going to make it for Grandson’s birthday party in couple weeks. Just use the whole box of pasta? There was no measurement guideline for that.
    He will love that it’s called frog eye!!!

  5. Roberta Campbell

    My neighbor used to make this-didn’t ever get the recipe though so thanks for sharing. Also thanks to Betsy for the suggestion above. I also would like to know how much of the pasta……

  6. I think I just saw that kind of pasta in the clearance items at my local grocery store. I’ll go there tomorrow to check. we have a big birthday party later this month and I want to make this, sounds wonderful.

    I need to find more thrift fabric. Great purchase, love the deal you found.

  7. My frog eye adds drained and chopped maraschino cherries. Because it makes so much and is difficult to cut down I usually bring it to parties. :) Best thing, every time I make it I think of my quilting friend who gave it to me!

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