Friends I Haven’t Met

Last week I met what I call “a friend I haven’t met”.  Long ago I started using that term for blog readers that I haven’t met and it’s so true.  So many of you would be my real life friends if you lived anywhere close.  The first time I met a blog a reader was likely about 7 years ago.  My own kids were warning me and telling me “Mom, you never know who you are going to meet on the internet”.  They were so worried about me and meeting blog readers that they would insist on going with me, have talks about safety, make sure I met people in public places…and on and on.

I don’t want to give anyone the impression that I wasn’t safe or wouldn’t follow some obvious safety rules…but seriously, they were overacting and when you multiply that times five kids, that’s a lot of overacting.

Earlier this year I got a message from blog reader Donna that said her and her husband were traveling this way from Florida and could they stop and deliver some fabric.  I immediately said sure.

I really do love meeting blog readers.  It gives me a chance to get to know some of you.  I love hearing people’s stories and learning about their lives.  As interesting as some of you find my life, I find yours equally as interesting.

Sunday came and Donna messaged me that they were in town at the campground.  I invited her over but she assured me that after a few days on the road laundry and setting up had to be the first order of business.  We tried to get together later but the bar was closed….so we made plans to go meet the next night.

It turns out I had a small group of kids on Monday and we went to the park.  I told Donna she could come down and help me wrangle the kids and visit if she wanted so she did.  It was so fun….Then later that night, we met for supper.

Donna brought her hubby Mike with and it was so fun.  You can tell the two of them love being together with one teasing the other and finishing each other’s stories.  They had me smiling.

We tried for an inside the bar picture.

But ended up liking the outside picture better….(you know…natural lighting)

Sadly I couldn’t hang out for long.  I had to reprise my crazy lady persona  for the fire department.  I’ll tell you all about that in another post.

Seriously…if you’re ever my way, give me a call.  I’d love meeting you all.

Donna and Mike went on to my house and dropped off the fabric.  I didn’t get a chance to check it out until the next day…my performance for the fire department had me home late.

Here’s the packages….Here are the two packages.  Donna said that she uses the space saver bags all the time in.  They are full time RVers so in order to have a stash, she says that the space saver bags are a necessity.

WOW…who knew all of this could fit in two bags!!

There were all sorts of fun fabrics.

Kayla picked these out thinking she could make good use of them.

I picked out these as my favorites.  I think a pillow is going to make for a childcare kiddo with the fabrics that have pinks.  The reds…well they are red.  The batik..who can say no and the calico….I’m collecting them!!

Can you believe that there was embroidery floss too???

..and a quilt top.

This one is a bigger baby sized.  Is there anyone out there who could finish this and pass it on to charity??  I could use a helper.  There isn’t a huge hurry to finish it…in 6 months or so..then all you do after that is take a pictures or two or three and send them to me…then send the quilt off to your favorite charity.  Just drop me a note..

WOW…I learned one thing…A lot can fit into two space saver bags!!

I so enjoyed my evening with Donna and Mike and then enjoyed the fabric the next day.  Thanks so much for stopping by.  It really was a bright spot in my week.

5 thoughts on “Friends I Haven’t Met”

  1. How funny your kids were lecturing you on meeting people off the internet!!! Usually it’s the other way around!!! Glad you got to meet up! I hope we get to meet someday! You are such an inspiration!

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Thank you for the invitation. I love it when children worry about their parents. It means a lot. My daughter sometimes treats me like I’m a teen and needing information. I get a little upset, then remember all the times I reminded and rereminded her about things to the point she had them numbered. A fun good way to let me know when I was going overboard. Your children love you.

  3. We loved meeting you and Mike says thank you! Glad to hear your crazy lady turned out well at the fire department!
    Hope the fabric works out for everyone.

    Love and prayers

  4. Jo, I’d love to finish up that baby quilt for you. Drop me an email and I’ll send you my mailing address. Or maybe you already have it…

    Would love to meet you if I ever get that way.

    Thinking of you…

  5. When started quilting, I joined an online group. My husband and I had attended a few quilt shows where we met up with “friends” from the group. A few years later, a member from England was going to be visiting, and asked if there were any quilt shops to visit. I knew there was a quilt show during her visit, so a friend and I picked her up at her hotel, and after saying Hi! to her husband, we headed to the show. After we had shopped at the vendors, we stopped at 2 more quilt shops that were in the area, and then headed out for a meal. Her husband was waiting for her when we returned to her hotel. The only person worried about our meeting was her teenage son, who was horrified that she was being picked up by a stranger while in another country! We had an awesome day, and still keep in touch over 20 years later!

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