Friends, Antiques and All

Last Saturday Kelli, Kayla and I headed up towards Stewartville, Minnesota.

Just out of high school Kayla went to the local community college.  There she met the most wonderful gal, Megan.  Well Megan over the years has become someone all of us in the family love.  She has married her high school sweetheart, had three kids and moved to Stewartville.  It had been awhile since we’d seen her so we decided to drive up for a visit.

We had a wonderful time.  Megan is the sweetest and her kids are adorable.  I just love when my kids have friends that actually become friends of the family.

After our morning with Megan we headed into Stewartville.  We’d heard there were antique shops in town and wanted to check them out.

Hubby collects fire trucks so I had to snap a picture of this one to show him…


I can’t not take a picture of a sewing machine….this one I didn’t recognize or know anything about.


I loved this idea.  In the middle of a table as the center piece they used an old wooden dough bowl.  I love it.  Then all sorts of goodies were inside.  Now I am on the hunt for a wooden dough bowl.  I want to do this on my table.


After seeing this I kicked myself.  We were to an auction a bit ago.  They had an old tin cupboard.  It went in the no sale pile as no one wanted it.  I could have done this to it!  Someone painted it….it originally was the same type that had gone in the no sale pile.  UGH.  Next time I’ll know to pay the $1 for it and do this to it.

I almost bought this…and next time I do if it’s there..I think I will.I think I’d like to hang it by the back door.  I could put messages for my child care parents on it.


I almost bought this too.  I have a spot for it in the dining room but I keep telling myself…How many cabinets does a girl need??

Yes, my name is Jo Kramer and I do have an addiction to antique wooden cabinets.


I liked this and could have used it for a coffee table.  If the wood had been darker, it would have been even more tempting.


Kayla was tempted by the cast iron skillets.  She has a few Griswolds and would like to complete her collection.  She’s also a big time Pyrex collector.


I laughed when I saw this sign…FUNNY!  I remember the days when we used to pay by the minute.


Kelli was in love with the cabinets and cupboards in the back of the antique store.  She said when she grows up she wants to be owner #82.  The owner/consignor of all the awesome pieces she was drooling over.


This was something else that tempted me…the little end table.  I wanted it but it needed lots of work and goodness knows Hubby has enough in the garage to tackle.


I did laugh when we went into one store.  The lady who was working was shocked to see such young people (my two daughters) who loved antiques.  She said that was rare.  I laughed and told her I raised five kids who like old things.  In fact, antiquing with them isn’t always fun as often we like the same things..and only one of us can buy it.

We had a great day.  It was wonderful to get out of the house, see Megan and the kids and antique.  At times Kayla has talked about doing something different than teaching.  Personally I kind of like that she teaches and has some free days over the summer to come and hang out.

Kayla ended up buying some vintage Nancy Drew books…remember the kind with the yellow bindings??  Kelli ended up buying a shelf and something with a, I bought nothing but did soak up some really good memories and that’s the best treasure…right??

3 thoughts on “Friends, Antiques and All”

  1. Debbie Rhodes

    My girls 30 and 39 love the old things and my 20 year old grand daughter and 16 year old old granddaughter love collecting old things too. So much fun togather and comparing finds whe we shop apart

  2. It’s nice that you can shop with people are collectors. When I go shopping with my sisters, their comment is often “where are you going to put that”. My house is getting full, but I like it that way. Look like a great store!

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