Friday Night Fun

This all started on Thursday.  Over nap time I checked Facebook and saw an estate sale in Nashua.  I looked at the pictures.  There were lots and they all looked really full and kind of junkie.  There were 26 pictures in the lot of photos and I don’t had a bit of time.  Something about that white-ish base cabinet to the right in the picture caught my eye.


I scrolled down about three more pictures and saw this…Look way to the right again.  See all those drawers.  My heart skipped a beat.


That’s all the time I had.  The kiddos woke so that night I flipped back and forth between the two pictures.  Yep, I was fairly certain it was the same cabinet in the two different pictures.  Hmm….

Well something made me remember it all as the next morning I decided that I would send a message and see how much it was and if it was available.  I didn’t think it would be but it’s a diamond in the rough and other people can’t always see that.  I messaged her…but as I did, I saw the name of another junker saying he had messaged her.  UGH…It the same guy we bought our upper kitchen cabinets from so I was sure I the lower cabinets at this estate sale would have been snapped up by him.  I crossed my fingers and sent the message.

Yes, it was still there and if I would take it, I could have it.  I needed strong people to help me move it though.  Okay…now to convince Hubby.  So I called him at nap time and asked if he wanted to go on an adventure after work.  Yep…he did but where.  I explained that there was an estate sale…he said- really?  He had seen the same cabinet and wondered the same thing but didn’t say anything to me as he figured it was gone too.  He was willing to go and I was HAPPY.

In the meantime, the lady sent me this picture.  I know…you’re all wondering what I’m thinking to be in love with this…I am though.


We went to the sale and ended up spending $11.  It was a steal of a deal.


Here’s what’s in the truck….This old upper cabinet was marker $10.  We have plans for it.  It is going in my laundry room and Hubby is making doors for it.


This is an old cart with wheels below.  At first we thought we would re-sell it but, now we don’t think so…It came in super handy to unload the free cabinet base.  It was marked at $10 too.


This is unique and we aren’t sure what it was originally used for.  See the numbers marked a the bottom?

Here’s what was so handy about the cart thing with wheels.  We were able to slide the cabinet base right on to it from the pick up truck bed and them roll it where we wanted it.  That was WONDERFUL!!  That cabinet base is so heavy!


We checked out the back and LOOK, it was once a counter at what we are guessing was a hardware store.  The back is finished and doesn’t have simple random boards at the back.


The openings were the drawers go are stamped.  See the number 8?


The drawers have stamps too….see the number 10?


The drawers are super fun and have all sorts of dividers in them.  LOVE!!


This drawer was cute…On the side is written 1 cent each for 10 cents for a dozen.  There are all sorts of writings on the sides of the drawers.  We are suspecting that is was in a hardware store.


The paint is chipping and some amazing oak wood in under that paint.  Hubby and I are going to find it.

Right now we have plans to make three more drawers to replace the missing ones….we aren’t sure what we’re going to do with the end opening.  We need to investigate it some more.

I am campaigning for this to go in my sewing room and serve as my cutting table.  That would require a complete furniture move up there but I’m okay with that.

As we were driving home I messaged the lady to see if she knew where the cabinet came from…this is her response:
“It came out of Quebec Canada…it was on my dad’s farm… when he was a young moved to Woodstock, Canada, and was in basement workshop. We built a 20 foot sail boat and use it for the workbench. Then we moved it to Nashua Iowa in 1973..and it’s been in he’s garage ever use to tell me farm stories in his day when I worked on projects with him…he had 4 girls so we all learned how to swing a hammer and mix concrete. ..
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17 thoughts on “Friday Night Fun”

  1. Oh Fun! I can hardly wait to see what happens with this piece. A new chapter to its history. I always buy the old clothes pins at sales, they just don’t make those like they used to.

  2. Can’t wait to see your new cutting table!!!! When I saw the picture, I thought it would work great in a sewing room!!! Good eye Jo!!!!!

  3. That cabinet is a real find and knowing the story behind it is even better. I love all the cubby drawers and the writings on the side. I cant wait for Hubby to work his magic on all the pieces you came home with and show us how you are going to use them.

  4. Karen Erickson

    What a lovely piece of woodwork that is just waiting for the magic to take place. Can’t wait to see the outcome.

  5. thanks for the story. always makes things more interesting. you might be able to use the opening on the end for cutting rulers. or cutting mats. or even things that need to stand up. great shopping job. patti in florida

  6. If you get it as your cutting table perhaps that open area can be made to be a ruler holder and a place to put a small cutting mat when not in use
    If I had a huge cutting surface like that I’d use a small Matt to use for cutting small pieces
    Such as a poor woman’s turning mat

  7. I’m guessing your imagination is why you are so good with your childcare. The young kids have great imaginations in play and you do in your scavenger hunts! Good luck on finishing these projects. If (when) that drawer unit makes it to your sewing room maybe each drawer should be a different color – scrappy paint! Get it? ;) to go with all your scrappy quilts!

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