Friday Get Away

I caught an awful cold again.  It’s my second this year.  I think this one is courtesy of the grandkids but it’s okay.  I’ll take a cold now and then if it means seeing them.  Back when I was doing regular full time childcare, I rarely caught a cold.  I think I was exposed to so many of the germs that they never really caught me hard core.  Nowadays, a bug comes by and I seem to catch it.

Anyway, Friday I had planned to walk the dogs with Carla but I just wasn’t feeling it.  The cold symptoms were no fun.  I sat down at the computer and started writing blog posts and then planned to slip away upstairs and sew.  Well…that didn’t happen.  Kalissa called and said mom, I need you.  I have an appointment.  It’s just a quick appointment in Sumner.  Can you watch Anders?  I told her I had a cold and really shouldn’t.  She said well can you ride in the car with us and just sit in the car while I run in.  I will really only be 10 or 15 minutes and Anders should nap.  You can just stitch in the car.  Well, being I got the cold from someone in their house anyway, I said I would ride along.

Her appointment was in Sumner so we ended up stopping at Maker’s Market.  It’s the vintage store I love.  I tried to stay away from everyone.  The owner Sally was in and she is the perfect shop owner…chatty and caring.

I snapped some pictures while I was there.  Here are the front windows…

They have two nice display windows.

Kalissa, Anders, and I came in off the street, walked in the door, and got our first dose of SPRING!!

I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the greenery and Rabbits.  Oh, I should stop and take the time to make some rabbits.  They are so cute.

This old dry sink that you see was gorgeous!!  I’d love to display is just like it is with the small bench and cubby cabinet at the top.  I just love it.

All of the decorations here show EXACTLY how I’d like to decorate if
1-I didn’t have to live in my house
2-I didn’t have grandkids here all the time
3-I didn’t have pets here all the time
4-I enjoyed dusting

Aren’t the displays so cute??

Kalissa tried to talk me into the big cabinet at the top right.  I did good.  I said no.

I like that the store has wine and a few baby items if you need a quick gift and don’t know what to buy.  Quite often Sally does samples.

The store is a nice mix of vintage, antique, and gift shop items.

Sally has consigners so all of the rabbits are made by a local crafter.  There are consigners who make homemade soap, some of the vintage items, clothing, and other goodies too.

A consigner makes these frames and I’ve always thought about them for cross-stitch finishes but haven’t bought one yet.

I just love the displays.

We didn’t have… a lot of time so I was quickly snapping pictures so I could show you all.

Everything, for the most part, is for sale.  Very rarely a big piece isn’t for sale.

I loved this green cabinet with the doors open.  Wouldn’t it be great to store cross-stitch project bags in the bottom area?  I loved that idea.

I saw someone at the wedding display an old typewriter and it was at the entrance.  They encouraged the guests to type messages on the old typewriter.  So cute.  Now I think of that whenever I see one.

I’ve been having a great time writing this post as I can look at things again.

I piece I really want to look at again is this…

Do you see the tin cabinet with the chickens in it?  Oh, the primitive girl in me loved it.  I could put cross-stitch pieces in it.  I tried and tried to think of where I could put it in the house…nothing came to me.

This is the outside of that tin cabinet.

I didn’t measure it.  I’ve been looking and looking all around the house trying to see where I might put it.  So far, I haven’t thought of a spot yet.

How simple would it be to make a few rabbit pillows to spice things up in my house?

They have a very limited amount of clothing as well.  Kalissa has previously purchased a few things.

I always seem to gravitate back this way…

The reason why…the quilts.  The dark-colored Ocean Waves quilt the bottom of the ladder…be still my heart.  It’s hand done and in good shape from what I can see.  It was $120.

All things spring…

Everything looks so good together.  Every time I go, I feel like I should go home and decorate.

It is hard to not feel inspired…the only problem is I get home and remember kids and dogs live here too.

I can just see this cabinet filled with quilts on the bottom and cross stitch on the top.

I did buy one thing…sadly, it doesn’t fit where I thought it would fit so…I’m auditioning it in other spots.  I’ll show it to you once I figure out where it’s going for sure.

I did get some stitching time in the car…

All was good and it was a nice little quick outing even though I wasn’t feeling the best.

14 thoughts on “Friday Get Away”

  1. Wow, so enjoyed the tour of that shop! So fun. I can just see that cabinet filled with quilts and your cross stitch.

  2. So sorry you had a second cold and hope you are better now. That store looks so fun! That quilt was very interesting. Maybe you could recreate the pattern.

  3. Cynthia from SWMinnesota..Ghent!

    I enjoyed your pictures of your favorite shop! I dint decorate much anymore, I am getting to table runners for the various holidays instead. I no longer like the clutter. I am working on a table runner for St Patrick’s Day, maybe I will make a couple more if this goes okay.
    I can see why you enjoy that store, I loved the black wooden stool and the darling glass top trimmed in red table with its red chair! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the shop and I agree 100% with your list…I have children and a husband in the house who imagine there is a “puts it away” genie. I also prefer almost anything over dusting! haha…I have to be careful of getting a respiratory infection and giving it to an at risk family member. My mother (the nurse) reminded me I could wear my mask to keep from spreading my germs to others…you would think after the last couple years I would have thought of that myself.

  5. Thanks for the tour of that great shop, Jo! I loved everything you showed us. I rarely make the time to go places like that, even though I enjoy them so much. The shop owner certainly has a gift for knowing how to arrange things attractively, doesn’t she? Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  6. I am still searching for a shop like yours near me. What a fun place!

    I am motivated to make rabbits now, as well as all things spring. Feel better soon, Jo.

  7. Teresa in Port Coquitlam, BC

    What a great shop. I wish I could go there but it is so far away. Thanks for the tour. Hope you feel better soon.

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