Friday Finish: Someone Else’s UFO

Awhile back Kelli met one of our blog readers and picked up some fabric she had….It was a treasure trove of fabric.  Hidden in there were leftovers from a project.  Kelli said that she was told that the project got too big and then was cut down.  It was easily usable but needed some seam ripping.  I set it aside thinking…well…someday.

Then one day Hubby kidnapped me and I didn’t have a project prepped to work on in the truck.  Without really thinking about it I grabbed the pieces and the seam ripper and jumped into the truck.  During our trip, I got it all ripped out.  It wasn’t even painful like seam ripping can sometimes be.

The project sat by my machine and for several nights in a row I just went in and sewed a few seams.  I calculated that I might need a few more strips cut so I gradually worked them in.  The project went together quickly and before long I had this….


It just goes to show that you don’t need a fancy project or fancy fabric to make a good looking quilt.

For the quilting I used up a red variegated thread I had and ended up running out about six inches from the edges.  I just switched to a straight up red and didn’t worry about it.  I don’t think anyone would notice if I didn’t tell.  It’s not a show quilt….it’s one meant to be used.


The quilting motif is from The Pajama Quilter…called Dwindling.  People have told me that her books and CD’s are sold out.  I did see some on Amazon.  Here’s a link. Pajama Quilter.  I also see that Bayside Quilting is offering it too.

Anyway…I guess I have a UFO finish and it’s not even my UFO…go figure.

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15 thoughts on “Friday Finish: Someone Else’s UFO

  1. Claire aka knitnkwilt

    Seam ripping isn’t all that bad when there is nothing else pressing. Nice find amidst the fabric, and you made an attractive quilt from it. Good move, shifting to plain red. I agree, it hides well.

  2. Julie in WA

    I love it! I think it is fun to take someone else’s UFO and turn it into a pretty and usable quilt!

  3. Rosie Westerhold

    LOVTE that quilt. Tell us more. What size are the pieces? About 3″ x 6″? Or are they bigger than that. REALLY like how they fit together. I’m gonna have to work on one of those.

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