Friday Finish: Ohio Stars a Charity Quilt

I am so lucky to have such great blog readers.  They help me be able to supply some awesome charity quilts to give away.  Earlier this year Mary Borer sent me a box STUFFED full of quilt tops and quilt blocks all to be made into charity quilts.  Slowly I have been working through the stack.  Here is the latest of Mary’s quilts.


A week or so ago I was really busy and put long hours in trying to machine quilt one of my deadline quilts.  By the time I was done, I was pretty tense and sore shouldered.  I loaded this on the machine right away and then remembered that I really do love machine quilting.  There is something totally relaxing to me to work on a simple all over design.

It’s nothing fancy, just a swirl with a hook.

I forgot to take a picture of the back. It’s a blue and white checker.  It actually looks really nice together.  The binding came from a Goodwill scrap bag.

Thanks Mary for making this quilt happen.  I am putting it in the stack of charity quilts that I have going here.  If someone  knows of a good cause, let me know and I’ll ship it on.

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12 thoughts on “Friday Finish: Ohio Stars a Charity Quilt”

  1. Phyllis Limiero

    If you would like to contact me about the charity quilts I would appreciate it. My group is making quilts for the people affected by the floods here in Colorado. There are so many who have lost everything and would appreciate a warm quilt. Thanks Jo. I appreciate it.

  2. Hi joe,
    I have quilted for over forty years. All my quilts are hand pieced and hand quilted and donated. There are so many charities to help. Cancer awareness, humane society, nursing homes, neonatal intensive care and the list keeps going and growing. My problem is money. I receive less than four hundred dollars monthly for disability, so buying fabric is not an option. I l ove paying it forward. With each quilt, igive a piece of my heart and soul to live on after i am dead. I love finishing anothet quilters tops or ufos or blocks because a part of them is in the quilt also. Blessings, Barbara babscorbitt@ gmail dot com

  3. Thank you for being willing to gift your creations (with help of others) to those in need. I was going to suggest the Colorado flood victims, but Phyllis already beat me to it. I noticed in this week’s eQuilter email they are looking for quilts for the Lyons families who lost everything.

  4. What a gorgeous quilt. Someone is gong to treasure this beauty. There are so many good organizations that could use quilts. If you have any kids quilts maybe your local PD could use some to keep in their patrol cars to comfort little ones. Margaret’s Hope Chest gives quilts away for a lot of different reasons. Homeless shelters in your area that are helping people to get back on their feet again, animal shelter(s) for raffle or auction. Some animal shelters like small quilts for the animals. Hopes and Dreams collects quilts for people that have ALS, Casey Cares is an organization that helps sick children and their families. I bet they could use quilts.

  5. I’m enjoying my machine quilting too, but can’t quite catch up w myself! I like the rambling quilting better than trying to follow a pantogram, or marked quilt. It just looks better to me.

  6. Very pretty quilt. I love Ohio Star quilts. A great charity is Quilts Of Compassion. They bring hope and encouragement to the hurting. You can check it out on Facebook or contact me and I will give you contact information.

  7. This quilt is so very lovely – so calming and peacefully reassuring! I may just have to make one for myself… ;D Isn’t it a nice feeling to give pretty quilts away for good causes? It warms the heart so much.

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