Friday Finish: Lazy Sunday Mystery

Hey…I did get it done.  Earlier in the week I showed you my Lazy Sunday quilt on the frame and today I can show it to you all finished…TA-DA!!


Hubby really likes this one.  I am not sure why except that the colors are darker.  Even after pointing out to him that there was green in the quilt (his least favorite color), he said, “Ya, but I not so much.”

I used Hobbs 80/20 which is my favorite batting these days.  As you can see, Ruby isn’t being quite as cooperative as usual.

My backing was pretty bland.  I was trying to use up fabric I had.  Both pieces are backing left overs from previous projects.  I had on extra block so that made it’s way into the backing too.  You can see my Baptist Fan design in the quilting.


I don’t know what was distracting Ruby..but oh, she just wasn’t herself…


Then the wind picked up and blew the quilt…


It started blowing hard enough that even Ruby’s ears were flapping in the wind.


Oh, I really like this one..but hey, I like every Bonnie Hunter quilt that I’ve ever made!!  If you’re looking for the pattern, it was in the first four Quiltmaker magazines of 2013 or it will be coming out in Bonnie Hunter’s upcoming book.


I heard that someone once said never work with animals or children…after trying to Ruby to sit still today, I believe it.

What’s a dog to do if she had an itchy back??  Roll I guess!


Oh Ruby?!?!  I guess this quilt if going to have to get photographed without you.


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26 thoughts on “Friday Finish: Lazy Sunday Mystery”

  1. What a gorgeous quilt and I love the Baptist Fan design. I’m doing the same design on my Easy Street on my DSM. Ruby is so cute!

  2. I love this quilt Joanne. Your work is wonderful. Love the colours and that your puppy is enjoying it so much! Looking forward to seeing the next masterpiece!

  3. I really love your colors Jo. I am still working on the borders for mine. I used the colors she recommended and it is not scrappy as I didn’t have enough scraps of each color family. You have a great eye for color. Enjoy seeing your work and Ruby.

  4. Ha ha, I just shot similar pitures with my cat, once the quilt was on the floor, she had to sit on it, lie down on it and roll on it… Maybe I should add those pictures to my blogpost? LOL

  5. Wow, it’s so beautiful! Congrats on a finish!
    Yesterday I received your give away book in the mail “Traditions from Elm Creek Quilts” – and I love it! 2 projects that have been on my to-do list are in there: Hawaiian Applique and Double Wedding Ring – Perfect!
    Again: Thank you so much for your generosity!
    Barb in MI

  6. It is a jewel !
    I am working on baptist fans too but. I love that quilting design but as I am handquilting, I am not finished. May be next year, who knows ? Have a good week-end at the new house Jo !

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