Friday Finish: Kayla’s Improv Quilt

When Kayla was home over Christmas she brought a quilt for me to quilt.  At first I just groaned.  How am I going to quilt that???

But then I thought.. WONDERFUL!!  I get to work on a truly “modern” quilt and here it is!!


It’s off center…wonky and random-a total modern look!   Can you believe she sewed it on her treadle??

At first, I didn’t know how to tackle the quilting and then I though…Just go…and I did.  I was worried about those big borders along two of the sides but it was actually really fun!


I got lots of practice holding the ruler and moving the machine with one hand.


I will never balk or wonder again about quilting a modern quilt.  It was a blast!!  I tried to quilt most of the segment in their own pattern, but some I connected.


The back…well it almost has a modern whole cloth quilt look to it.  FUN!!


If Kayla wants to make another…I sure won’t groan.  I’ll grab it up and throw it on the quilt machine right away…this king of quilting is time consuming but a whole lot of fun!!

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25 thoughts on “Friday Finish: Kayla’s Improv Quilt”

  1. This is my first visit to your blog and it has been a real treat for the eyes. You have done an awesome job of quilting and I love the wonkiness of the squares. Modern quilt give us a way out when we create squares that are not strictly by the book. How in the world you quilt like this with a ruler in your other hand I do not know. I tried free motion one time and gave up. Now, I do basically straight lines-diagonals-cross hatching. That way I feel way more secure though the backs surely do not look like this gorgeous back. Kudos to you. genie

  2. Looks like you are an expert at “Quilting Modern”. Looks great and how wonderful the piecing was done on a treadle.

  3. What a lovely job! I am in awe of the quilting! I have only just done a quilt with different quilting techniques in it…it was so much fun. I am going to have to practice more – and hopefully use some of the awesome designs you used on this!

  4. Love your quilting. Did you use the same ruler for the straight lines that you used for your clam shells? I was thinking of getting one as it looked like an inexpensive way to give quilting with a ruler a try. Love your blog also. I look forward to reading It everyday.

  5. If you enjoyed yourself quilting this immensely—-that’s what it is all about—having fun!! Love the white backing with all that gorgeous quilting being shown off!

  6. Love the quilt and the quilting!!! I have a customer quilt that is modern waiting for it’s turn on the frame so I’ll be studying what you did for the quilting!!

  7. Improv quilts are some of my favorites. Amazing she pieced it on a treadle and you did a lovely job quilting it. I love the vision and detail you had. You made an already pretty quilt, wonderful with the imaginative quilting.

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