Friday Finish: Easy Street

Easy Street #1 in finished!!

Mine is made with primarily Civil War Reproduction fabrics.  I didn’t have purples so I replaced pink for purple.  All in all, I am happy with it except for the batting.  It shrank a little more than I wanted.  I used the Pellon batting that come from JoAnn’s.  I think I will try to avoid it in the future.  It’s just a little too much shrinkage for my liking.

I had asked for advice on borders.  Most of you picked green.  Hubby chimed in and said I hate green..go blue.  Being I am keeping this quilt, I went with his request and added a blue border.

I had wanted blue for the binding too but was determined not to purchase more fabric so green it was….it’s now wrong, just not the desire of my heart.  In the end, the green is fine.

My brown and cheddar Easy Street sits.  It is ready to quilt but so huge that it won’t fit on my APQS Milly.  UGH.  Luckily there is a place not too far from here that rents out machines.  There are 12′ and 14′ frames after spending all I did on my machine, I am going to have to rent a machine.  Luckily I bought my machine through the business and they promised a reasonable rate should this ever happen.  It will be a challenge to find the time to get away though.

I used a variagated green thread on top.  I like it!

In the middle of working on the mystery with Christmas festivities going on, I always wonder what I am doing trying to sew a quilt.  Then I realize, “having” to sew on the quilt is often what keeps me sane through Christmas.  I find myself telling Hubby, I have to sew on the quilt.  I have to keep up with the mystery.  It’s not fun if I don’t keep up.  Then he’ll relent and help out so I get some sewing time.  All in all, it’s a little tricky, but works out wonderfully for me.  It’s also great to have a quilt finished so early in the year.

I am about to start Bonnie’s Quiltmaker mystery….I haven’t decided on colors.  I know it won’t be brights as I don’t have many….  This is my year of using things up so no large amounts of fabric will be bought to make this quilt!  I’m not ruling out a fat quarter or two just not a huge chunk.

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32 thoughts on “Friday Finish: Easy Street”

  1. It is so beautiful…congrats on the quick finish!
    I second the importance of taking time for sewing, especially when life is busy…it’s like air to me…need it to survive!

  2. Oh it’s wonderful – all of your fabrics just play together so nicely! I just finished piecing my top and can not wait for it to be quilted. I adore the backing you used – just gorgeous with that quilt. Bonnie did such a great job designing this pattern.

  3. Your quilt is lovely, Jo. I wasn’t able to do the mystery this year but am trying to do the one out of the magazine.
    Congratulations on a gorgeous finish!

  4. Jo, your Easy Street quilt is beautiful!! I’m still working on mine. almost done with Step 3 and I started the week the mystery started. Looking forward to seeing the 2nd one completed.

  5. Great job, Jo! I’m still impressed that you chose to take on two of the mystery quilts. You are amazing. Love the quilting, too!

  6. Your ES is lovely. I, too, have decided this is a year to use what I have and not buy more (if possible). I have so many works in process that I need to finish them all before I start on anything else… but Bonnie’s doing a class at a local guild next week. What’s a gal to do?

  7. Hi Jo,
    It turned out great! I decided to skip over easy street I have a black garbage bag full of scapes that is my focus to clear out. I have made Mad City Mama, Kiss in the Corner and my version of Basket Strings. I’m now down to only tiny stuff so I’m hoping the next quilt will be the last one!

  8. I’m so glad to know about that Pellon batting. I wavered a bit when I saw it on sale and then decided to use the sale at Connecting Threads instead. I’ve just started using a 100% cotton from there and I just love it as I don’t have to pin it so much for my smaller donation quilts. Your large quilt is beautiful and I love the backing you chose.

  9. I know exactly what you mean about the Mystery Quilt. I have been wondering why I even did it AT CHRISTMAS, but it would have been a very different Christmas without it! I have booked it in my calendar for Chritmas 2013!

  10. Love Easy Street #1. My hubby loves blue, so quilts I keep for us have blue in them. However, I am learning to like the subdued greens and have put them in with blue, of course, and I like them a lot. Hubby likes them too and thinks the green adds to the quilts!

  11. I love your easy street. the colours are beautiful. I got really behind but hoping to get mine finished before the spring so i can sit in the garden to quilt it. I am going to have to hand quilt my easy street. The trouble is there are lots of other Bonnie Hunter quilts. Keeping my fingers crossed we win the lottery so I can get a longarm. I too am on a mission to use what I have , I think it makes it more fun to do that. jan x

  12. Love the ES in CW fabrics! Makes me want to make one also, but I must remember I want to get some projects at least to flimsy stage before I start new ones. I have to remind myself daily, sometimes a few times a day. :)
    What size is Millie? I have wanted a longarm for a very long time, but it hasn’t happened yet. One day!

  13. I finished mine, but it isn’t quilted. I think I need a border too. I’m thinking about a thin tourquise possibly scrappy to match the quilt, then a wider grey. you can check out mine on my blog. let me know what oyu think!

  14. It’s beautiful! I have all my blocks done, ready to put together. It’s so much fun to see these quilts pop up on the blogs I read. Congratulations on another finish!

  15. I so enjoyed this blog post. Thank you for talking about the challenge of doing the mystery around the holidays. I did not get to do Easy Street. I am just now in the early stages of Orca Bay but I am loving it. You and your daughter are an inspiration and I love your quilty relationship.

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