Friday Finish: Cactus Patch

I was busy-busy trying to finish up my #10 UFO for May.  Originally I didn’t think I would be able to finish it this month as we were really busy with gardening and planting in May but this year, with the never ending rain we’ve been inside more than normal giving me time to sew!!


This is Cactus Patch.  You can find the pattern in Bonnie Hunters Scraps & Shirttails: Reuse, Re-pupose, Recycle! The Art of “Quilting Green”.  The string blocks are made from 100% cotton recycled shirts.  The rest of the quilt top is store bought fabric.

I used my favorite thread Maxi-Lock® Swirl – Variegated Thread 3,000 yds – #56 Tie Dye Punch.  The thread variegates from blues to purples.  I am really surprised how often I use it.

I did make some variations to the original quilt.  I put red cornerstones in the sashing rather than string pieced blocks.  I did not put a narrower sashing around the blocks like the pattern suggested.  I put 3 1/2″ sashing on instead.


You can see the thread in the border.  With the variegation, it really goes well with the big triangles in the block.  Kelli wasn’t a big fan of this quilt originally but now she really likes it.  In fact, she is staying overnight this weekend and “called” (reserved) this quilt.  She wants to test it out and see if it sleeps as good as it looks!!

Another change I made to the quilt is that I did not put the half blocks in.  I debated but my need for control and uniformity won out.  I almost didn’t put the outer border blocks in but I already had them made and decided what the heck.  I ended up really liking them.

A few days ago I had been to our local thrift store.  I have seen a duveau (spelled wrong again..du-vay) and it was purple.  It was 100% cotton and I debated and debated-when would I ever use a purple sheet?  Then Kelli said, “Really mom??  It’s only $3.”  I bought it mostly just because she was razzing me.  I ended up using it two days later on this quilt.  I have the other 1/2 of the purple cover ready for another quilt.  It’s Egyptian Cotton and absolutely wonderfully soft.

I was just over at Amazon so I could put the link on this blog post and saw that all of Bonnie’s books are about $5 off.  All are priced at about $20.  I NEVER see Bonnie’s books on sale so this is a real treat.  I added links to them in case there is one you are looking for:
Scraps & Shirttails: Reuse, Re-pupose, Recycle! The Art of “Quilting Green
Scraps & Shirttails II: Continuing the Art of Quilting Green
Adventures with Leaders & Enders: Make More Quilts in Less Time!
String Fling: Scrappy, Happy and Loving It!

Today, we are hooking up with……Confessions of a Fabric AddictLink a Finish FridayFreedom Fridays and Crazy Mom Quilts.

I am also hooking up with Patchwork Times Get it Done Challenge.  Next month I am hoping to get the next UFO project done, my Fit to Frame block, two quilts bound and get working on the Double Wedding Ring quilt.

28 thoughts on “Friday Finish: Cactus Patch”

  1. What a great looking quilt! I love the color choices; much better than the one in the book, IMO. I’m so envious of all your finishes. Great determination and persistence! You go girl! From a faithful reader in NH.

  2. What a beautiful quilt. I have 4 of Bonnie’s books and am working on Bow-Dacious (how it is spelled in book).
    Read your blog every morning while drinking my coffee.

  3. Pat C in Washingon

    I like your variations! I have all of Bonnie’s books and have marked SO many of the pages as quilts I want to do some day…..I will have to live forever to finish them all!

  4. My goodness – didn’t that turn out wonderful!!! Love the overall swirls – hard to choose a pattern when the design is so graphic but the swirls AND the threads help to blend it well. My compliments to you!!!

  5. I don’t like seeing quilt books sold on Amazon, I know Bonnie works her rear off to get them ready for publishing. I am sure all do. Bonnie is just special to me! I have all her books and signed by her.

  6. Terri Steinfurth

    Wow, this is really beautiful! I love Bonnie’s patterns and am currently in between major projects. This could be the next ;)

  7. Cacctus Patch is the kind of pattern that I know would make me sleep good. It is a great pattern for a snuggly quilt. I like the colors–they are alive but not loud.

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