Friday Finish: ABC Panel Baby Quilt

It happened.  My baby quilt is finished.

I have to say, this has been one of the most fun projects that I’ve done in a long time.  I love the freedom of no pattern and working as go.  All the decisions are mine (with your help) but in the end I choose EVERYTHING…This quilt went from something I wanted to finish quickly to something I wanted to last for forever.

I ended up purchasing several more panels that I used for this with the intention that more baby quilts will be made with it.  Will they be this exact layout…likely not but a couple might be.


I know that some of you bought the panel too.  In light of that I am going to record a few of the things I did when making this.

All of the scrap blocks start with a red square.  The size all varied.  I made it into a square in a square and added random strips of fabric from my string bucket around and around until the blocks were 7″ x 7″.

The panel started out like this…


I cut it into block and cut the blocks down so that they were 4 1/2″ x 7″.


It’s hard to find a good way to lay out 26 letters of the alphabet.  I started with a block then panel block and so on for the top row.

The second row started with a 2″ strip and the went panel block, scrappy block and ended with a 2″ strip again.

Then I made alternating rows.


When I came to the bottom row I needed to come up with something…  I got the inspiration to free form the baby’s name.  I ended up added to the top and bottom to get it up to size.  Scrappy strips went at the end of the name to bring it up to size.  I ended up making 26 scrappy blocks.  I had the 26 panel letters and improvised on the last row.

This was the border plan…I put on a scrappy white inner border.

The outer border was a made by sewing strings together and trimming them to 5 1/2″.  I used Bonnie Hunter’s “fake miter corner” method to make the mitered corners.


The back was fun.  I had a piece of fabric that was white with the colorful paisleys that I wanted to use but it wasn’t wide enough.  I had the numbers left from the panel so used them to make a strip.


I still needed it larger so did this.  It’s a set of left over scrappy blocks along with a strip of 2 1/2″ straps along each side.


Here’s what the backing ended up looking like.


I used white thread in the bobbin and a variegated thread on the top.  A simple quilting motif and I was done.


I had planned a red binding but the green polka dot called to me and I went with it.  I now have 6 cut binding strips with nowhere to go….I’ll find a home someday I’m sure.


Now it’s all wrapped and ready to be delivered.  It ended up being pretty big but that’s okay.  She can use if for a long time that way.


Many of the fabric were scraps from blog readers that were sent my way.  I love that. I gives me lots of variety and it always gives me a bit of a feeling that you all are sewing along with me.

So there you have it…a finished project.  Next up, my firemen benefit quilt.  That I”m hoping to show you next Friday.  Dare I hope for that.  I have the blocks finished…and we’re expecting a snow storm.  That should give me lots of sewing time.





21 thoughts on “Friday Finish: ABC Panel Baby Quilt”

  1. That is simply darling! Another great job, Jo! I like the sentiment of a feeling that you are all sewing along with me! Lovely thought!

    Makes me want to hunt down that panel!

  2. Very cute quilt. You’re expecting a snowstorm and we’re going to get into the 70s today. In February. Go figure. Happy sewing.

  3. It is beautiful!! This is how I work all the time, just an idea here and then pull fabric and see what looks good, make string blocks (my favorite activity!) and put it all together. That fake mitered corner looks like two triangles sewn together…I could do that!

  4. And the snow storm is something else-hope it loses some steam before it gets to you. We got 14 inches in the last 24 hours. That means another snow day for me. . .some housework, but a lot of sewing time is on the schedule for me.
    I love Jane’s quilt and it is making me want to get back to the string project I started. .

  5. I love it! Enjoy sewing during your snow storm! I’m moving my machine outside to sew today. At least until the wind picks up and starts blowing my pieces around!

  6. I was one of those who purchased a panel and sooo thank you for your ins and outs. I was mentally trying to figure out the width of the last border and finally got to the end of your post with all the particulars given. A hardy Thank You!!!

  7. What a beautiful and fun quilt! Jane will cherish this quilt forever. I wish I had your creative abilities. Is there a class to learn this skill somewhere? Maybe in August? lol
    I too will be hunkering down today with the anticipated snow. So far lots of ice. Time to fix something for the crock pot and then to the sewing room. Make the most of a dreary day. Enjoy!

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