Friday at the House

There’s a little to report at the house on the carpenter front.

The house has been sheeted and the shingling is well under way.  This is how the south side looked Friday evening…


…and this is the south side.

Right now I can’t walk out into the upstairs of the addition.  The temporary wall that covered the main part of the house is still on there.  I am hoping soon though.  There is one thing to see the outside..another to see on the inside.

Hubby and I didn’t get much done on the house this week.  Harvest is kicking in and Kelli and I have been busy with some projects.  I am guessing before long I am going to need to take a few days off and just work on house project things.

Everyday I get more and more excited.  I’m not sure what’s up next for the carpenters..maybe the porch..maybe the garage..maybe siding.  Whatever it is, I’ll keep you posted.

4 thoughts on “Friday at the House”

  1. It just keeps getting more exciting! Our son & family are moving into their new-to-them house today…..and tomorrow late afternoon they’re having a birthday party for their 1 yr. old twins. Can you imagine?!?

  2. I’m sure you are getting very excited. Everything has finally started progressing at a rapid pace. I like the last minute changes you made to the floor plan and that your entire family has been involved in the building/renovation of your new home. The sweat equity will make it much more your home. Thanks for sharing the process with all of us in cyber land. Even though we don’t comment often, know that we are reading and keeping up with each post.

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