Friday Adventures

Kelli had the day off from school on Friday so she decided to come hang out with me and Buster the foster pup and Betsy, Kalissa’s pup.  Add in Ruby, my beagle, and Puppycat, her beagle, and we had a house full.  I never want to actually have that many dogs!!

Anyway an application came in from the Humane Society that I volunteer with from someone who wanted Buster.  It happened that they live in Waterloo and I had an errand to Waterloo so we grabbed Buster and went on our way.

Kelli’s mission was to get paint and gluten free cupcakes.  My mission was to get drawer pulls and paint…yes..a cupcake too.  We dropped Buster off at his new home and started our errands.

First up a trip to Dapper Designs in Waterloo.  They have the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint we wanted.  Kelli bought this dresser at Goodwill for $30 and wants to paint it and use it for an entertainment center.


She ended up buying the Emperor’s Silk color which is a red.  She’s planning to use quite a bit of dark wax with it too.

I just wanted a new color to play with so I got Aubusson Blue.  We also needed a Big Fat Lye to clean our brushes too.

Next up cupcakes.

Photo: I may have bought a few cupcakes today... #joscountryjunction

We had to go to both of the locations where Scratch Cupcakes are to get all of these.  Kelli is planning on freezing a few.  She just loves them as they don’t “taste like sawdust” like so many gluten free goodies do.

We had no luck with drawer pulls…we did stop at WalMart and each got a pair of shorts and a dog accessory.  I got some popper scouper bags so if I start walking Ruby in town with Kalissa and Betsy, I have some to clean up after her.

We also stopped at Stuff, etc.  I picked up a cute little end table I hope to chalk paint….let me tell you, that chalk painting is addicting!!


All in all it was a quick but fun trip.  I do have to say…as a mother, I really should have gotten Kelli out a little more.  Can you believe the farm girl has never fed a parking meter before?!?!?!


That’s all for now…watch for blog posts coming up showing out chalk painted projects.

3 thoughts on “Friday Adventures”

  1. I just chalk painted my bathroom cabinets…used old Ochre (three coats) and two coats of clear wax (with 24 hrs in between each coat), then mixed half and half of clear wax with dark wax and put it on. Wiped it off..and LOVE my cupboards!! They look old and distressed…warm and rich! My daughter hooked me on Annie Sloan paints!! Can’t wait to do a few more projects…just bought some Antibes Green for outside pots! They need to be spruced up! Can’t wait to see your finished projects!

  2. I’ve been thinking about using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on my kitchen cupboards, but I’m not sure I’m up to that much work. Not sure which color I would want either.

  3. Ha I have to laugh, about putting money in parking meter. I just retired and still have never pump gas in my Bravada. Quess I need to do it.

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