French Bread

I think I’ve shared my French Bread recipe with you before but this time, I made it with a little twist, so I’m sharing it again.

The recipe comes for the church cookbook from Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Lawler, Iowa.  I’ve been using this recipe for years.  Our family loves it when I make French Onion Soup with French Bread.

Here’s the recipe.

This was one of those recipes I had to try just because it sounded so different.  Part of the ingredients are mixed together…

Then they are left to sit in warm water.  Unusual, right?

I followed the recipe as listed only I thought the recipe only makes one loaf so I doubled it only to reread the recipe and realize it already made two loaves so now I was making FOUR loaves.  I ended up inviting Kalissa and family over for soup and bread…and I served warm buttered bread to the childcare kiddos…YUM.  It’s so good.

While the dough was rising, my pans in the oven were getting hot.  I have this style of pan.

Nonstick French Bread/Baguette Pan - 16 x 8 Inch

I got mine years ago at the thrift store.  You can find them HERE on Amazon.

I lifted the raised loaves into the warm pan that was already in the oven.  It was easy to do.  I simply lifted the parchment paper to transfer the loaves.

I ended up taking part of the bread dough, buttered it and then sprinkled on Everything Bagel Seasoning.  Find that HERE.

Oh my word.  This was so good.  Kaliss and Karl both raved about it.  I did too.  I will definitely be making it like this again, again, and again.  If was fabulous!!

Please note that I use bread flour and not all-purpose flour when I make bread.

Sadly the loaves were eaten and gone in no time…I guess I’ll be making more soon.

12 thoughts on “French Bread”

  1. Oh yummy! I have never seen a recipe like that before, so I’m anxious to try it. I might even get some of the Everything Bagel seasoning. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The bread looks delicious but I don’t care for the bagel seasoning, tried it several times, just not for us. I love butter on my French bread. This recipe is very unusual.

  3. I like to make my French Bread half white, half whole wheat.

    There’s just nothing better than fresh hot french bread at home!

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    This bread recipe sounds delicious –German ladies know how to bake bread. Can’t wait to try this!!

  5. Judith Fairchild

    I’m going to try this method with the yeast ball in the warm water to see if it makes a difference in flavor. And lightness of the bread. Thanks for sharing it. Please share your French onion soup sometime it’s one of my favorites at restaurants.

  6. A very curious French Bread recipe indeed. I’ve got to try this. Thanks for sharing. Found your blog via “Quilt Blogs.” Do you know how I get them to accept my applications I’ve submitted for about the last 2 years?

  7. The making of this bread is truly different and I plan to make it when my seasoning gets here. Thanks Jo for another great recipe.

  8. Thank you for this recipe. I’m going to make it. It’s different than any other bread I have made. Love french bread. Especially the ends.

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