Freezing Sweet Corn

Tuesday evening some friends of ours stopped over with sweet corn and said we can have more if we wanted it….Well I am not one to turn down anything that’s free so Wednesday was corn freezing day.  Unfortunately the kids were busy so it was mostly me doing the work….

When I freeze corn I do a lot of the work outside.  It saves the kitchen from the squirting juice of the corn.  I took a table out, set it up under the apple tree and went to work.


I husked the corn into the chicken yard.  The chickens love to eat the silks from the corn.  Then I was to my table, cutting the corn from the cob.  I had a great system going.  Take the husked corn from the box, cut it off the cob and throw the cob into the bucket below the table.  After I had been working for a bit, I notice our farm dog Pepper, hanging around.  Pepper doesn’t like to do anything that could get her in trouble.  In fact, around the family she is really timid….around a stranger who was threatening us…she’d be a total protector.

Before long, Pepper was sneaking under the table and grabbing cobs.


She would peek at me to see if it was okay, then she would take her cob and chew on it.  She was having a good time….


See all those cobs she was munching…..

After all the corn was cut off the cob it was into the house to cook it.  I measured it as I put it  in a HUGE pan…for every NINE cups of corn I added….
1 cup water, 1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 stick butter…..I cooked it all the way through, bagged it up and froze it.

I had enough corn that I ended up with about 18 quarts…once that was done, I was onto canning peaches, but that’s another story for another day.

8 thoughts on “Freezing Sweet Corn”

  1. hey- my dog loves corn cobs too! She also has been known to take the corn from the kids as they are husking it!

  2. I think I want to move in with you also. We have a garden but to have all that corn at one time is great. Outside is the place to work on that. Lucky dog, all that sweet corn taste–he is not stupid.

  3. Sounds yummy! Brings back good memories of when we lived in IN. Dh actually took the corn off the cob (I’m not good with knives) after the kids husked. I cooked and froze.
    Nowadays – I’ll just relive the memories – thank you for sharing your your day to day with us!

  4. My mom always cut it off the cob raw and then cooked it after. My mother-in-law cooks it first and then cuts it off the cob. If I want help from my husband, I do it “mom’s way” and cook it first. I think it’s more work to cook it first but I like having the help:) We get the corn from MIL’s neighbors in Wisconsin so we are a bit behind, but I’ll most likely be freezing corn in a week or two. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi there, just wanted to let you know how dangerous corn cobs can be for dogs.. last summer our dog ate one and it got stuck at the opening of the stomach to the intestine and he needed major surgery to remove it.. major dollars! I am sure yours has been nibbling on them forever, but might give you pause to think next time. and the vet said they are really nasty because they just don’t dissolve. cheers!

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