Freezer Challenge Update: BBQ Green Beans

I am still working quite diligently on my freezer challenge.  I’m trying to go from two freezers to one freezer.  When Kramer was still with me and working on the farm, his boss always gave us meat.  Well with it mostly being just me, I really don’t need two chest freezers running anymore but I have to work to get to a place that I only need one and that means using up what is in the freezer.

I have a goal of trying to use 10 things a week.  This week I’ve done particularly good.  Gone already this week are:
a bag of tator tots
frozen shredded pork
a loaf of French bread

I went to the freezer this morning with the goal of using up more items.  At the top of the freezer were green beans.  It’s time for them to move on out.  They were small bags so I grabbed three and headed upstairs to find one my favorite summertime green bean recipes.  Typically I use green beans from the garden that should have been picked a couple days ago.    This recipe softens them up and they don’t taste like old beans one bit.  Just make sure the beans are used before they get “the strings”.

Here’s my recipe…
It’s from an Amish recipe book.  It’s my favorite of the Amish recipe books that I have.  Note my handwriting that says “Awesome”.  I was hesitant at first to try this recipe as it didn’t sound like things that should go together BBQ and green beans…no.  But then I tried it and it was soon a favorite.

For me I put in three bags of these….That’s three bags gone from the freezer!!  Yahoo!!

Two bags would have been fine too.   It’s a forgiving recipe.  Into the crock pot they went.

I added the ingredients from the the recipe.  It looked like this.  I popped the lid on and set it to heat.  I did high for two hours….again, it’s a forgiving recipe.  You can put them in the oven as the recipe suggests.  It’s starting to look yummy already.  Don’t you think?

Here is what they look like all cooked and ready to eat.

Feel free to add some pepper if needed.

This is the best way to use up some “questionable” beans….ones that have been in the freezer a bit, or ones from the garden that got a bit bigger than you expected.

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  1. Usually when I see a recipe mention oven, I pass on by. My oven doesn’t work. But when I saw the picture of the finished dish AND you mentioned that you put it in the crock pot, I knew that I would make this. Thanks for the recipe. It does look good and another way to get more veggies.

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