Free Pattern: Black Magic Table Topper

I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes work on my computer designing quilts and looking through past projects.  In the process, I found this pattern.

Well, I didn’t remember it at all.  Do you?  I hunted around to try to figure out where we published it or if we published it.  I finally went to the blog and found this written in September of 2014.

I wrote:
You might remember a bit ago Kelli and I made this quilt -Chocolate Covered Cherries- and offered a free pattern for it. Find the free pattern here if you missed it.

Well in the design process from start to finish of this quilt we had few debates and had made a test sample to see what we liked for colors.  We didn’t know if we wanted something scrappy or if we even wanted a two-color quilt.  Kelli was itching to make a two-color quilt so she tried some test blocks and put them together into this.

Kelli didn’t like it and decided that making the quilt into a big two-color quilt was not what she envisioned the quilt to be.  The little test piece got set aside.  Then when I was cleaning the sewing room this week I found and it.    Now with fall here and Halloween getting into swing, it’s been revived into a cute little table topper.

I took it and machine quilted and bound it.  I have to say it turned out cute as a table topper…dimple but cute.  I can see a display of mini pumpkins on looking all festive.  I don’t know why but this next picture makes it seem almost navy.  It’s not.  It is black.

Anyway, we think it will make a perfect table topper.  Change it up for the seasons making it either two color or three color or scrappy.  I can see green centers and red nine patches for Christmas!!

For the quilting, I used a brown thread.  Surprising right??  They say black and brown don’t mix so it was quite a debate for me….

Okay, I’ll make the confession here.  I thought the brown thread would look good.  I almost changed to charcoal but I was lazy and brown thread was already in the machine so why not give it a try.  In the end, it was the right choice anyway.

We wrote a new set of printable directions for the table topper version.  You can find them here.  I gotta say BRAVO to Kelli.  She has become an awesome pattern writer!!

..and here is Betsy in her quilt modeling debut.  In reality, these are the actual colors of the topper.  The other pictures wash it out.

Betsy wouldn’t hold still so the picture is a little fuzzy but what a cutie!!”

Well, that solved a little of the mystery…we did offer it as a free pattern.  BUT, there is no link to it in the free pattern section on the right-hand column of the blog where all the other free patterns are.  So…I corrected that.  The pattern is called Black Magic Table Topper.  You can find it HERE. If you lose that link it is now listed in the right-hand column of the blog.

So…I guess this is an old pattern…but if you’re new here or don’t remember it way back from 2014, then I guess it’s a new pattern.  I guess the saying “what’s old is new again”, is true in this case!!



11 thoughts on “Free Pattern: Black Magic Table Topper”

  1. Carmen Montmarquet

    Thank You very much for this cute pattern. I have been looking for a quick Fall/Halloween pattern to make and this one will be perfect!! Love your blog, never miss it!

  2. It is cute. The reason the other pictures have a blue look may be because the black dye has a bluish base. I’m guessing but my girl and I discovered that different blacks often don’t look right together. She has an eye for seeing differences in color so when I go fabric shopping I get her to go with me.

  3. Very cute! I knew that pattern looked familiar before you said where it was from. I made the larger quilt from your pattern and it’s one of my very favorites! I’ll have to get a good photo and send it to you-mine is done in shades of brown and plum. Thanks for all the great patterns!

  4. Thank you so much! I have tons of leftover Christmas reds and greens! This will certainly make a dent in them and be easy to transport to Indiana when we go visit our granddaughter! I set up a little sewing nook in the corner of our son’s dining room but try not to take up too much room!

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