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I got a very nice note from a blog reader, Sandy.  She writes:
“I have been following your blog for about six months and so enjoy reading about your interests. I grew up in Indiana as a country girl, too, and can so relate to many of your references. I have lived in South Carolina for the past 32 years and retired two years ago from being a middle school librarian and resumed my interest in quilting and sewing.  I enjoy your book/audiobook reviews and have been waiting for this particular email to come out from SYNC so that I could share it with you (and many others, since it’s FREE!).  It is fine to promote it in your blog, if you wish. 

 This site, if you aren’t familiar, sends two books per week during the summer for free downloads. They are current young adult books, for the most part, paired with a related classic from years past. This way you can build up your own library of audio books.”

Well that sounded awesome so I went to check it out.


Free audio books??  What’s not to love?  Here’s the link so you can check it out too. 

The books are all young adult books but I’m fine with that. Some of my favorites are young adult books.

I just signed up for the alerts for when the books become available.  I paged through and know there are several that I wouldn’t mind taking a look, or rather listen too.

For those of you who haven’t tried audio books.  Now, when these are free is a great opportunity.

Thanks so much Sandy for sharing this.  I’m going to love it.

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  1. Another great way to get audiobooks is thru your public library. I believe almost all libraries have audiobooks available to checkout via their websites. All you need is a library card, go to their website and browse thru their digital audiobooks. It’s the same system as a regular book, you check it out, download it to your computer/tablet/phone and after 2 weeks it deletes itself. If the audiobook is already checked out, you can be put on a waiting list. I LOVE it, I’ve saved so much money not having to buy audiobooks anymore!

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