Framing Update

You might remember last year when Covid hit, I stitched this…

I loved it the second I saw it and wanted to stitch it.  I found it online and a kit was available so I just clicked the “buy the whole kit” button and it came in the mail…ordering online like that is so slick..and dangerous.

Well I started stitching immediately.  I started with the diamond row.  I was so nervous.  I hadn’t stitched on 40 count linen much and I was so worried I wouldn’t stick with it.  I started watching television more and more in the evening so I could stitch…I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed stitching…and the saying on this, so perfect with Covid and the year 2020.

Well, I finally finished it about 3 months later.  I loved it.

Working on 40 count linen wasn’t a problem…stitching the tiny one thread of floss over one string of the linen was even okay.  I was so proud of myself…but then it was time to finish it…and I stalled out.

I thought about getting it professionally framed but I was nervous about that.  So I went to the thrift store.  I found this frame.

I laced it.

I did a lot of work…

This is how it turned out.  I loved the stitching.  The frame I didn’t love as much.

It wasn’t a terrible frame but it wasn’t what I REALLY wanted.  I wanted mine to look really nice.  After all, to date, this had been the biggest piece I ever worked on.

I finished two more cross stitch projects and I saved some money, got brave, and sent them to a framer.  I used Total Framing.  Many floss tube cross stitchers use them.

It was a long wait but they finally came back…This was Newcastle Bouquet.

This was Take Heart.

I loved them.  This was the look I wanted.  This was exactly perfect for me.

It was expensive but I decided it was something I wanted to afford.  I had gotten some Christmas money and I used that towards the framing.  I told the kids they can give me money as gift anytime and I’ll use it towards framing.

Well…the piece the I finished myself ground and ground on me.  The framing was okay.  It wasn’t what I wanted and once I put the one I framed by the other ones that were professionally framed, I was embarrassed.

So, after a couple of months debating about it, I took the piece out of the frame and sent it to the framers.  Being they are a distance away this is what they do to help you pick a frame.

They sent this picture…

There are five options.  You can see them all in the photo above.

The laid my piece out with each of the frames.  This is option #1.  This is the description that came with it.
This one is a vintage inspired black beeswax finish in a scoop shape with an antique silver lip. Clearly our samples is a little beat up, but that warm brown edge is lovely with the brick house!

Here is #2
This is actually almost the same frame as the first one, but the line on the outer edge is a little bit thinner and redder, and it has a plain cooler silver lip.

Here is #3
This one is slightly less antique feeling, but a gorgeous brown and black patriotic frame with stars and a greenish gray wash over the design.”

Number 4 and 5 are combined in one picture.  4 is the plain frame.  5 is the frame with the light green inlay.
“4- It’s kind of hard to see in the photo, but the top of this moulding scoops in just a little bit and it has a slight hammered finish that gives it more vintage feel. Also a beeswax finish.”

5- this is the same frame as #4, but with a glossy green liner that has a slender black edge on the inside of the lip that sets the needlework off beautifully. I know this is kind of a wild card since it’s glossy, but it’s so beautiful on it I had to send it. ”

All of them were in the same price range.  The only difference would be #5.  Adding that inlay would be much more.

So what would you pick??  I debated.  I sent the pictures to Kelli.  I showed them to Karl.  We all kind of liked the #4 option.  We all debated between #4 and #1.  I ended up going with #4.  Part of me wonders if I should have gone with #1.  I don’t think there was a wrong choice.

It will be a couple of months before this gets completely finished and sent to me.  I’m already anticipating it’s arrival.

So leave a comment…which one would you have picked??

46 thoughts on “Framing Update”

  1. Instantly I like # one. 2,3,5 would have, at least to me, taken away from the piece itself. And # 4 looked plain to me. Whatever you choose will look good to you no matter what others may say bc you followed your heart ❤

  2. JO- LOVED ALL YOUR SAMPLERS! What beautiful work and designs. I preferred the number 3 frame. I love antiques too, and it looked the oldest style to me. I love carved wood. #4 will be gorgeous on it too! I can’t wait to see the finished product too!
    I am so amazed at your quality workwomanship, in all your quilts. And, your productivity! I’ve been quilting since 1975, but haven’t completed 1/10th of what you accomplish! And, it’s not like you aren’t living a full life, with family, blog, gardening, baby sitting and all. I’m retired, and still get little accomplished. I have never counted all my UFO’s. I’m afraid to! Take good care Jo, and keep up your beautiful work! Brenda King, Bend, Oregon

  3. I’m glad I didn’t have to choose the frame. I’d still be dithering between 1,4, and 5. Beautiful pieces and frames. Your choice works very well. I like that company’s way of doing things
    I have my furnace on today. 1st time since early spring I figure you’re getting hit with colder weather too take care.

  4. I like number 4 best. It doesn’t compete with the piece or distract, but rather enhances. This posting reminds me how personal a framing experience can become. While you did a mail-order version, the framer became personally involved with you, even if just for a few instances. Even in my case, because I live in much bigger towns and can easily use in-person frame shops, when choosing a frame I have found I invariably develop a relationship with the framer. Our heads lean over the piece and there is a discussion about it, the elements of color involved, the points to emphasize. We become, even if just for that short transaction, friends.

  5. I liked number 4. I think its the perfect frame to help document the struggles many people went thru during the pandemic. Lots of people had to rely on basic skills to get them thru with the shortages we were experiencing so I think the fancier frames, while beautiful, they don’t fit the time you’re representing with your stitched piece. I hope what I’m trying to say makes sense.

  6. I like #4 for its simplicity – my eyes are drawn to the embroidery rather than to the frame. I love the antique-looking samplers you stitch!

  7. I could not choose but I look forward to seeing what you did decide. The first two pieces you shared already framed were truly lovely and beautiful framed.

  8. The idea of “online” framing always sounded difficult. I’m impressed with the way this company shows you options and writes a little about each one. Thank you for sharing this. I love your choice!

  9. Good day Jo, Since you asked . . . I like both frames #1 and #4 as well. What makes it hard for me to say what I would pick is on #1 you see the frame on two edges whereas on #4, you do not. Not sure if you could request to see frame #4 by itself. I think that will give a better idea of the final look.

  10. Good choice. I did like 5 best, but that is personal preference and that is why you are the one who needs to make the choice. Your framed works always look great, so trust your own instincts!! Love each of your projects you showed.

  11. That’s a cool way to audition the options! I liked #1 and #3. I think I might have gone with #1, but that frame is a little different from the others that you already have. I have to agree with the idea that there really wasn’t a bad choice!

  12. I like #1 best but might have been tempted by five. I can’t remember your other frames. I’m sure you chose what will make a complimentary group.

  13. Man, you crank those stitcheries out!! I’m super slow. I always have mine professionally framed and have used Hobby Lobby, Joanns and Michaels and have never had an issue. Not sure I could send mine off and pick out the right frame online but yours look great!

  14. #5 really sets off the stitching! How much more is that one? If it were me, I would splurge after doing all of this work. However, sometimes I wonder if I am the only one that thinks that way, especially when I see beautiful hand work at rummage sales for .50 or $1.00. Really, all of the frames look nice. Can you tell us the price of the framing?
    You really make me want to start a new stitching projects. You are such an inspiration!
    Thank you!

  15. I gave up X-Stitch for quilting about 30 years ago and never looked back. I thought your thrifted framing job looked great, Jo! If anything, you could have rubbed on a wax finish or something to make the painted finish look more expensive. I guess it’s like the difference between quilting a quilt myself and feeling like I want a more special quilt to be professionally quilted. I’m sure the results will be worth it!

  16. Number 4 is a great choice and seeing number 5 would have tempted me to go for a green mat since that color made the stitching sparkle. However, I notice the earlier frames don’t have mats so perhaps you don’t care for that look. I love seeing your beautiful cross stitches—thanks for sharing!

  17. You are a very wise woman Jo. My first instinct says #5. Like others have said it pulls the green from the project. BUT and I think this is important, is pulling the green forward what you want to see in the project? I tried my magic eye trick of staring at it with only the #4 frame showing and then with #5 showing. With #5 the green really stands out in the cross stitch. When you cover that green from the frame and only see #4 frame, then the whole project is more “balanced” which is what I really think is important. Congratulations on your finish and your framing.

  18. I honestly don’t know how you ever chose! I would have been going back and forth for days. Having said that, I thought the thrift store frame looked good too. What wasn’t it you didn’t like about it? Was it the frame itself, or was it the way they prepare the canvas? I liked the one you chose, and I think you will be very happy with it.

  19. Margaret in North Texas

    I liked the thrift store find best as it came from the thrift store–it was gorgeous in it original color. Of course we did not see the sampler in it. Good luck making your choice, only you have to be satisfied.

  20. I like #4. I enlarged to see it better and noticed the very thin red line which I think brings out the reds. I’m so impressed with you using 40ct. My eyes would fail me, I’m afraid! Do you ever use any kind of magnifying device? Your work is beautiful and deserves special framing for sure!

  21. In light of the other frames that are done, I think #4 will work the best. I do hope you hang them all “together” not really together but related.

    My mom did needlepoint samplers of anniversaries of my grandparents (50th), of my parents (25 years) and my brother and his wife (10years) and they now hang in my brother’s hall as a unit….. the genealogist in me is tickled.

  22. I loved them all! They all had something to add to the cross stitch. What a difficult decision you had to make. I’m glad you were able to make a decision.

  23. I think you picked the best one. I have framed many stitcheries and your method is the same one that I learned in working at a frame shop. Have you started your stitchery wall? I hope you share it with us as it grows and changes.

  24. It’s so fun to read what others would’ve picked. I actually thought your thrift store frame looked good. But then as I scrolled down and saw the other choices, I could see their appeal, especially in light of the others you’ve had professionally framed. Some really good choices there. I might have gone with #1 or #3. As far as catching my eye, though, #5 looked really nice with the colors in your piece.

  25. I like 3 marginally best, but I agree, they all would look great. I also like your thrift shop frame. I am also curious as to why you didn’t like it? It looks really nice in the pictures. I think maybe a wax on the thrift shop frame would give it a nice patina.

  26. I would have picked #5 … but them I’m partial to green. I have all my cross stitch projects matted at Hobby Lobby and mostly in green tones. The frames I buy elsewhere and take to them.

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