Four Year Anniversary

You long term blog readers…can you believe it’s been 4 years since we moved into out house.   All of you new readers….you missed out on the saga….what a saga it was.

Here was our house when we bought it.

Oh my…it was a foreclosure house and we bought it super cheap.  18 months after we bought it, it looked more like this….

WAY better!!  When we bought it people thought we were CRAZY.

Nowadays…it looks like this…..

Today is the four year anniversary.  I so remember moving day.  All of the kids came home and helped us move.  We were pooped and went to the bar for supper.  Someone snapped these crazy pictures to mark the day.

My, the family has changed so much in that short time.

Kelli and Jason are expecting…
Kayla has switched jobs…
Buck got divorced, his ex-wife died in a car crash, he found Lora and now have Scotty and Lucy.
Karl finished college and moved to Texas to teach
Kalissa got married, had Carver and is pregnant again.

I’ve had cancer, started doing childcare again…and made a whole bunch of quilts.
Hubby, poor guy, is still working on the house.

The house is really great and I love it even in it’s unfinished state.  I love town life.  This was a perfect move for us.  But, more than that, I love this crew of people more than EVER.  They are so good to me and Hubby.  They’ve become the people I most want to be with flaws and all.  I can’t tell you how blessed I am to have them all.  Long ago we told the kids, you’re a Kramer, you can do this.  They have helped us prove that to be true time and time again….So Happy Anniversary house!  Thanks so much for giving us a home and place where we can hang out and be together.  You are EVERYTHING I ever wanted.

If you’re curious, type “new house” into the search bar and you’ll find LOTS of posts on the remodeling process and see lots of pictures of the inside of the house.

19 thoughts on “Four Year Anniversary”

  1. Lots of memories involving that house remodel. You are all such hard workers. Kudos to you all. Yes, the Kramers can do it!!!

  2. I started following you not long before you moved onto your new house and have enjoyed reading your daily posts ever since. I live in England and have loved learning more about the American way of life in a small rural town. I love reading your posts; whether it’s about family, work, sewing and especially your thrift shopping. I love my weekly visits to local charity shops (as we call them) and also get excited with cheap craft and fabric bargains. Thanks for some great advice given out over the past 5 years or so. Greetings to you and all your family :)

  3. I’ve followed your blog before you bought your new home. When you were describing the remodel, it brought back memories of when my parents built their new home. They had plenty of help from their brothers. My dad was an electrician and one uncle was a plumber and they all got experience of carpentry and roofing and any other skills related to house building. Many of your posts conjure up memories for me. Thanks for all that you share. Happy 4th and many years to come.

  4. I LOVE your house!! I would so much rather have an new old house and fix it up versus building a brand spanking new one. The older houses have so much character. I started following your blog just after you moved in. Thank you for sharing your REAL life with us. I look forward to every single post.

    PS. Thanks for the link to the “Show Off” quilt pattern.

  5. Your house has come so far!
    Our house is 80 years old and I wouldn’t trade it for a brand new house.
    So much character in old homes!!
    Thanks for sharing the journey of your home with all of us!!

  6. Sandra Davidson

    I started to follow you just before you bought the house. It has been so much fun watching you and hubby make it into a lovely comfortable home. . Congratulations and keep up the good work you do.

  7. Kristy Wilkinson

    Wow, I can’t believe it has been 4 years already! I have been reading your blog twice a day every day since before that move! So glad you are happy and so glad you have an amazing family. Love that Hunter’s Star quilt. Looking forward to those grand babies being born! Thanks for all you do and for all you share. Happy House Anniversary! K-

  8. You made it fun to follow along as you worked on the house. My favorite picture is your daycare kids standing at the window watching the workers. You and your hubby have done a great job.

  9. Happy House Anniversary Kramer family!!! you took something old and used up and gave it a new life and its being filled with love and happy memories. Love the blog and all the crazy life stories you share with all of us.

  10. Katherine Gourley

    Hi Jo,

    Wow what you have done in 4 years is amazing. I always love the inside pictures too — amazing woodwork and so cozy. It will be 22 years tomorrow that we moved into our house. We were in our 1st house for 21 years, so we are now in this house longer than our 1st. Congratulations on a fabulous job.

  11. Happy Anniversary. I started following before your buying of the house. I grew up in a small farming community, so have enjoyed being part of your “family”. There are several old houses that people have fixed up in that community in ND.

  12. WOW! As a fairly new follower, I love your home and had no idea of the work you have put into it. Y’all have done s wonderful job of creating a beautiful, welcoming home.

    Thank you for sharing, and for visiting with us every day.

  13. Quilting Tangent

    The house looks great. At least you have the blog as a journel of your family adventures. looking forward to more stories.

  14. I started reading your blog shortly after you bought the house. Loved watching the remodeling process and your quilt journey

    .I just got back from the Road to California quilt show and bought your book there. Can you believe I got it for the amazing price of $5 ? Rusty Crow booth had one copy and I snatched it up!

  15. I started following you when you were living on the farm. I loved your posts of the remodel. Your remodel brought back sweet memories of the remodel of the four room farm house that mom and dad moved into in 1943 (yes, this was before I was born). These four rooms were enlarged to a six bedroom home in the 50’s. Dad, Mom and my four older brothers did all the work. In the middle 70’s they sold their home to one of my brothers and built a two bedroom home across the road in what was the tobacco patch when we were kids. Mom and Dad were in their late sixties at this time but they built their new home with help from the boys. The only thing they contracted our was the brick work.

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