Four Patch X is FINISHED!

My Four Patch X quilt is finished…and I’m so happy.

This is a Bonnie Hunter quilt and can be found in her book More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.


I half way started this quilt last December when we still lived at the farm house.  It was my therapy really.  All of my quilting fabric were packed away except for my strip boxes.

I’d work long hours here at the new house painting or doing floors then get home and need to unwind a bit.  I’d sew strips together as that’s what I had to sew.  First I the strips, then cut to segments and then into four patches.  I made so many.  It was just what I needed.  Before long I had all the four patches I needed.

Fast forward to the new house…I started putting the blocks together this fall….slow and steady never really working hard on the project.  If I’d get something else finished and had 20 minutes more of sewing time, I’d sew on this.

Mine is a row bigger than Bonnie’s.  You know me, I like big quilts.

After the top was mostly together I showed Hubby….His comment…Yellow??  Really???  That left me a little sad as I was feeling more like YELLOW!!!  I love it!!!

It ended up on a back burner after his comment.  Then a couple weeks ago as the mystery finished I was putting borders on it and decided to put borders on this too.  I added a  1 1/2″ border to the outsides.  Bonnie didn’t.

Then a couple weeks after that Kelli convinced me it was time to put one of my own quilts on the frame.  Well this one had a backing so it won out.


I opted for a non directional Baptist Fan motif.  I started out thinking brown thread for the top but quickly switched to yellow/gold.  Over the course of a couple days I finished it up.  I really like it.


I showed it to Hubby.  I expected a not so good comment.  He said he liked it.  WHAT???  I thought you didn’t like it before I said.  He said that now that it is finished it looks more gold and not yellow.  I think it’s because I bound it in a dark-dark- blue/black.  I have used this fabric SO-SO-SO many times for binding.  It’s a Jo Morton print that I love.

The backing is piece that either came from a friend or from a thrift store find.  I think it’s perfect.  The flower have gold stems.  Either way the backing was free or really-really cheap.  There was enough that I didn’t have to find something else to piece and match either…another plus.

Kalissa and Kelli were here here so I laid the quilt out onto the floor to show off my finish.  Within seconds, the dogs, Kalissa and the childcare kids were on it checking it out.


It apparently passed their approval….mine too.  I really like it.

I think some of my favorite quilts are ones like this…simple four patch quilts with a nice layout.

Thanks for the great pattern Bonnie….It was a joy to sew.

Today we’re sharing our finished quilt at  Confessions of a Fabric AddictCrazy Mom Quilts, and Link a Finish Friday.

19 thoughts on “Four Patch X is FINISHED!”

  1. Jo, it looks great, very eye catching and bright. I wish I was half as adventurous with color as you are.


  2. The four patches are the fun part….. all those YELLOW setting triangles are work! You did a great job on them. Great quilt.

  3. I love the quilt. I think the extra border really frames the quilt after the busyness of four patches. Love the yellow.

  4. I really love this quilt. Love the yellow! Love how you worked on it all along as you wanted to. It reminds me of the cheddar bow ties we made a couple of years ago. Good Job!

  5. I love that quilt – the colours are amazing and I love the warmth from the deep yellow – reminds me of buttercups. I held up a patchwork for my late husband to view a few years ago and he said it looked like a tablecloth! I now say that all my patchworks are in their ‘tablecloth stage’ before being quilted!

  6. Love it! Actually, that one is on my list to make. I think I’ve found a stripe that will work for the sashing…maybe. Don’t ever let anyone’s negative comment on a quilt you love turn you off from working on it. It’s OK if they don’t like it, you are the one making it. Sometimes the people closest to us make the most thoughtless comments. I’ve had my hubby showing disbelief at what I’m putting together and I just tell him to go clean his guns or go fishing or fuss with his old cars or something. :) The quilts always turned out fine and when they are finished he decides they aren’t so bad after all.

  7. Great finish!! Scrappy quilts are my favorites, and the yellow really makes all the other colors pop….and I love the striped sashing strips!! Can you tell I love this quilt?! Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Cheryl in Dallas

    Jo, I have been following your blog for several years, and this by far the most beautiful quilt you have ever made. Yellow is my favorite color, so it could be that I am a wee bit prejudiced. (Cheddar is another thing altogether — I just don’t understand why that color is so popular.) I have all of Bonnie Hunter’s books, and her example of this quilt is nowhere are pretty as yours is. Great job!

  9. I made this same top(well, mine has a pink background vs. yellow – my hubby said a flat-out yuck) a few years ago and seeing how wonderful yours turned out makes me want to get mine finished. It’s lovely!

  10. Mine has a medium green background, not yet finished, and I like it alot, but then I like GREEN. I know you do not, Jo. LOL Quilt on, great job and I LOVE your quilt with the yellow BG, very cheerful!!

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