Foundation Papers

You might remember that I am making Bonnie Hunter’s Wonky Wishes quilt.  The blocks are happily finished and it’s time for sashing.  I am so excited about this part..I love string piecing.

The problem….I don’t have papers that are 12 1/2″ wide.  In the pattern they recommend these papers…Carol Doak’s Legal Size Foundation Paper.

Well I don’t have them.  I don’t want to purchase them because I’m a cheapskate…and I want to start sewing NOW.  (I can be impatient at times)  I thought about using telephone books like I usually do but after looking through the stack none are quite long enough….hmmm…that had me thinking…what could I use?  I thought about sewing two 6 1/2″ sections and them piecing the two segments together but hmmmm  something else had to be a possibility.

That’s when it came to me.  I have all sorts of newsprint paper in my childcare stash of paper.  The paper is SUPER cheap…and my kiddos go through LOTS of paper.  It is actually newspaper weight paper.  I went to measure it and and bummer it’s 12″.  Well that’s easy enough to remedy.  The last strip I sew on will just have to be a bit wider and go off the paper to make up for the 1/2″.


I cut the papers out and tested them….
I loved it.  They rip off just as easy as telephone book papers.


The whole piece is already together in a 12 1/2″ segment which I love.  That way I don’t have to be careful that the seams ended up too close if I was sewing the two segments together.

I am sure someone is going to ask so I checked and yes, Amazon does have the paper.  It’s $9.66 for 500 sheets…not too bad.  You can find them here.

All in all…these are a hit.  I am loving the looks and so happy I found something that is going to work for me.  This time around my impatience was rewarded with a successful alternative.  I think once I use up the phone books I have that I am going to switch to this paper for all of my string piecing.

6 thoughts on “Foundation Papers”

  1. Great idea! I don’t think we’ve gotten a phone book in a couple of years, and we’ve cut back on the newspaper, too. Funny how these newfangled “environmentally conscious” movements have created new problems. I guess some people weren’t as frugal all along as those of us who use things up, wear them out or do without.

    Hope you’re already on your way to healing as I type this.

  2. If you have a local paper or can go to the next bigger town that has a newspaper, go there and ask to purchase the end roll that they use to print the paper on. I bought one for $4 ~ twelve years ago, when my first grandchild was 3. I have used it for that many years for all three of my grandkids, and they do a LOT of drawing at my house. I still have a lot on the roll. I use my long ruler and an old rotary cutter to cut off pieces about as big as computer paper for them to draw on. I have even layed the roll on the floor and rolled out enough paper for them to lay on and trace around each other to make life sized paper dolls!

  3. I also use newspaper weight paper for paper piecing, especially when printing patterns out from internet. I get mine from Office Depot. They don’t carry them in the store but are more than happy to order for you. I got a ream for less than $5.00 and did not have to pay postage. They are the same product that Carol Doak puts out but a lot more for your money.


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