Foster Dog Update and Meet Lulu

Things have been hopping around here in the foster dog department. On Tuesday afternoon the people who had surrendered Slinky, Peppa, and Caesar contacted me. The owner was needing to surrender another dog.

The dog was Slinky’s sister, her name was Luna. They wanted to know if I would take her. I said yes. I know I was full of dogs but I also want to help this owner…and I really felt the dog needed a chance. What’s one more…right? You know I always say, the more the merrier!!

So little Luna came to my house. I talked with my afterschool girls and asked them to help me come up with a name. There is nothing wrong with Luna but at the rescue, dogs are kept track of by their names and we’ve had lots of Lunas. So we wanted something similar and decided to go with Lulu. It fits her.

As you can see, she looks a lot like Slinky. She is darker in the face and is much smaller.

She had not been outside and was only puppy pad trained. She is six months old. This gal’s life has been a whirlwind since she arrived on Tuesday afternoon.

She had new digs…went to the vet for the first time…was spayed and met kids all on her first two days here.

She’s doing really well.

It was a big-time puppy day at my house on Wednesday with Kelli’s kids here. It was so nice. Over the last month, I’ve had dogs that weren’t very kid friendly. In fact, Carver and the after-school girls asked me the other day when can we get puppies so we can play with them.

Eli, my grandson had a chance to play with them Blonde and Dagwood. They all loved each other.

I didn’t get much done this week besides care for grandkids and pups.

What a whirlwind of a week-
Monday: Blondie and Dagwood to the vet for spay and neuter…and pick them back up.
Tuesday: Lulu arrived.
Wednesday: Lula to the vet for a spay and neuter and Dagwood went to his home
Thursday: Did background checks on applications
Friday: To the vet for a health certificate for Caesar and Blondie went to her home
Saturday: Lulu and Caesar are both scheduled to go to their homes.

None of this would be possible without the help of Fredericksburg Vet. They have been amazing this week. They have gotten us in at the last minute. They have squeezed us in for spaying and neutering our dogs within a couple of days of us getting them. It is so awesome for us. It helps us keep dogs moving. It’s really best for the dogs and for us if we can turn the dogs around in two weeks or so. That way fosters don’t get burned out…the dogs don’t get accustomed to our homes making the transition to their new homes a little easier for the pups. I have worked with everyone at the clinic and love them all!! Friday I baked cookies and brought them some as a little thank you.

It was a whirlwind of a week…but totally worth it.

9 thoughts on “Foster Dog Update and Meet Lulu”

  1. WOW another full house. So glad to hear that Caesar got a home, also Blondie and Dagwood. What a turnover and very busy. It isn’t hard to see why you might not have gotten much else done this week and still you were able to get cookies made to share. How thoughtful you are!

  2. Barbara Firesheets

    Love hearing about all the great work you are doing with the foster pups. It amazes me how quickly they get adopted. Those dogs are lucky to have you!

  3. Never owned a dog and I know very little about them. However, I do enjoy your Puppy updates and am in awe of everything you do for your charges. What patience you have Jo! I just could not bear the mess, the accidents to clear up, all the rushing around to vet appointments etc. I take my hat off to you for all your kindness. How fortunate those puppies are to live with you and learn all those new skills from such a lovely kind person.

  4. You have been busy. All cute dogs! Just wondering, after spay/neuter, do the dogs have to wear a cone? My daughter’s dog had to wear one after he had “work done”, but he is a bigger dog.

    1. If their tongue can reach is and wanting to reach their affected parts, then they get a cone. Typically girls can’t and corgis are too long bodied.

  5. Susan the Farm Quilter

    You are such a blessing to the foster group and the pups that come through your home!! Those are lucky dogs as they socialize with your pups and grandchildren…all pluses when it comes to being adopted!! I love seeing their pictures as they parade through and know that they will bring love and joy to their forever homes. Thank you for all that you do for the poor pups that become beloved family members after a short stay at your home.

  6. The pups are really lucky to have you, you do an amazing job with them. It’s great to hear Caesar has a home at last!

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