Forgot the Before…love the after.

I am really bad at taking before pictures.  I don’t know if I am afraid that a project won’t turn out, or if I am just so excited to get working on the project.

We are doing a few sprucing up projects around the house…some new furniture in the living room…some new flooring in the bathroom.  It has promoted me to do major cleaning and with that, I’ve decided I should do a few more updates around here…but of course, I want it to be on the cheap.


I was at the thrift store and found this little picture and frame.  I loved it but the matting and frame were the dated country blue from the 80’s.  I bought it and came home and destructed it.  I took some fabric and covered the matting, hot gluing the fabric in place.  I sanded the frame and painted it black.  I love it!  It sure doesn’t look 25 years old…yet it probably is.  I found a little stand at the thrift store to hold the frame and the little framed piece is in my bay window….total cost including the stand…seventy five cents.

3 thoughts on “Forgot the Before…love the after.”

  1. what a nice reminder… Love each other. Cherish each moment. I really like what you did with it!

    oh – and forgot to say – I received your package in the mailbox over the weekend! Thanks again so much! :)

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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