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I told you that after we picked up Rosie that we were on a mission to stop at the Forest Mills Quilt Shop.  I was hoping to pick up a couple of pieces of fabric for the mystery quilt.  I was still a little bit short on dark blue and aqua.

Diane and Carolyn the gals are big into animals so we brought Rosie for them to meet.  Rosie did a good job and spent most of her time hanging with Georgia.  Here she is giving her five.

I had hoped to snap picture and give you a shop tour but with Rosie and Georgia there it was too hard.  I did snap a couple pictures of some great things they had in the shop.  If you’re thinking of our Be Bold quilt, they have the kit!!  I love the colors.  Diane opted to put borders on her version.

Here is our version.  Read about it HERE.  The kit they have doesn’t include borders.

I apologize over and over about this picture.  But this panel they just got in was amazing!!  Close up, it looks like I can see brush strokes of a paintbrush.  The gals said that people have been mounting the panel on a canvas and then decopoging them.  They said then it REALLY looks like a painting as you can see the canvas texture too.  I loved the panel.  They also had one of a longhorn.  SO COOL.

The gals always specialize in all things farm related.  If you want tractor fabric, they have it!

They had this panel too…and I bought it.  I have a family expecting a baby that will be coming to childcare and the mom is a farmer.  I thought if they have a girl, this will be perfect.  I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with it, but something fun.
They also had this panel that I bought.  I loved it too.  
I wasn’t sure if I wanted it for the baby quilt too.

..and then Kelli wanted some of this for a bag….I thought I better get some know, if I wanted it for the baby quilt.
…and we both loved this so we got it too.Who knows what we’re making with it….we just wanted it…we’re a sucker for all things farm.

Oh..and what I came for…the batiks for the mystery.

As long as I had fabric out on the floor, I did a little photography training with Rosie.  I had to have a leash on her but she did pretty good.

I snapped 7 pictures.  A couple were terrible as she wouldn’t sit still but this last one, it turned out great!!
Here is the link for Forest MIlls Quilt Shop.  If there is something you see that you like, give them a call.  I’m sure they will help you.

18 thoughts on “Forest Mills Quilt Shop”

  1. Both pictures you have included Rosie on the fabric are great. She looks like a natural on being a ‘quilt model’. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Some people never get it , you have learned some valuable lessons ‘ the hard way ‘ but you have come out of it and you are happy and you know what really matters . You are a ” real ” person , I hope you know what I mean by that. I’m native american and we like ” real “. Now , what is real to me is I absolutely love the fabric with just the big cow on it , I could see it in my living room as a wall hanging and I have a nautical theme going on. I’m going to look for it local , on a fixed income so have to watch my $$. Have a Blessed Sunday and week.

  3. Wow! Loved Georgia & Rosie, all the fabrics and panels! Cant wait to see what you and Kelly create! Rosie looks like a pro on those fabrics. I’d say she’s got it!! Happy New Year!

    1. No…Rosie isn’t well behaved…yet. House training is high priority right now. She’s all mouth and teeth but she’ll come around.

  4. Rosie is a natural model and you are breaking her in well. She’s so cute!!

    The panels and fabric from there are adorable. I’ve been to the shop a couple of times on shop hops and always left with lots of goodies. The fun animal fabric reminds me of some pictures I got my daughter for Christmas.

  5. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Rosie and Georgia are adorable together!! Rosie did well in the two bottom pictures as well. Oh the farm animals and farm fabric…I want it all!!! Too bad their online shopping is “under construction”!

  6. I love the cow panel, but I am looking for smaller farm print panels to make a quilt for my granddaughter who aspires to become a vet. Any suggestions as to where I can find them?

  7. Love the Rosie pictures! She is so adorable! If I lived a little closer, I would stop down for a visit – but the weather is looking quite snowy today, and for a few days this week.

  8. I need the cow panel. I am not sure why I like cows. I don’t live on farm but in rural- small city of “real” Upstate NY. Many cows, grapes, apples and cheese. Happy New Year.

  9. First things first: Rosie is adorable sitting so proudly!!

    Secondly, I love the farm fabric with the orange tractor. My husband and his family have/had Allis Chalmers tractors and it is hard to find orange tractors.

    Thanks for sharing everything:)

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