For Sale: Carla’s APQS Millennium

Carla’s machine has sold.  I can’t wait to see the amazing work Carla will do with her new machine.  She was so happy with her experience with APQS that she will continue on with a new machine from them.  If you are looking for a used machine, mine was used, APQS has a forum.  You can find it HERE.  There owners list the machines they are selling.  There are often other brands there besides APQS machines as well.

Long-term blog readers know that I am friends with Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations.  Well, lucky Carla is getting an upgrade on her longarm.  I can’t wait to see her new machine.  I really shouldn’t say “lucky Carla” as she has worked long and hard and saved to pay for the new machine.

I can’t wait to see it!!  While she waits for it to arrive, she is working on selling her old machine.  This is the same machine that did the work on this quilt…

and this quilt…

I offered to Carla that being she’s done so much work for us that I would list her machine here on the blog.

Carla writes:

For Sale

2010 APQS Millennium, standard features and 12 foot adjustable table.

Throat Size 26 inch 

LED Lighting, new board 05/2020

Stitch Regulator

Single Stitch function

Horizontal and Vertical Channel Locks

Turbo Bobbin Winder

L Bobbins and Bobbin Tread Cutter

Laser Light Stylus

Front and Rear Handles

M and M wheels new in 2019

Table includes Auto Quilt Advance (serviced 05/2020)

Additional Accessories: 

            Micro Drive ($200.00 new)

            Base Expander ($170.00 new)

            Hartley Fence ($400.00 new)

I have been the only owner. Serviced in May 2020 by a certified APQS technician in addition to scheduled maintenance and service by myself. 

Selling due to purchasing a new APQS Millie

We are located in northeast Iowa


Upon receipt of payment, Cash, or Check, the buyer is responsible for disassembling   (original box provided) and pick up. Will not ship.”

I do have this to say.  Carla is super neat.  She’s organized and takes excellent care of things.  If you want a machine that is clean…I know this one will be.

Please don’t contact me if you’re interested.  Carla’s phone number is above.

I would not be afraid of buying anything from Carla.  I know for sure that her machine was serviced in May of 2020 as the technician serviced mine the same day he serviced hers and we split the service call fee!!

If you’re looking for a used machine, I would seriously consider this one.  Of course, I guarantee nothing…just know Carla is someone who takes excellent care of the things she owns.

UPDATE:  Again, Carla’s machine has sold.


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  1. Aww! I’m pretty sure my first quilt was quilted on this machine! What a great deal someone is going to get.

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