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One thing I really miss since I have my cast is getting the mail.  I love getting the mail.  It gets me out of the house for a few minutes and you know my mail box, it quite often has a card (thanks Connie) or a goodie box. Well Hubby has been on mail box duty now…well Hubby or anyone else I can sucker into getting the mail for me.

Last week he brought a box in.  I hadn’t ordered anything but it was listed to my address.  It was a Connecting Threads box.  Hmm…  I opened it up to this.  It said from Martha in Wister, OK and it was too me.  Hmm… Sucks I wish there was a note that said “Gift to Jo” or something like that.  I wanted to make sure they were actually for me.


There was no email address on them so what’s a girl to do?  I couldn’t write and say “Are these really for me”?  I actually needed some of these.  I’ve always wanted some.  I have the larger version but there are so few in a pack of those.

Hmmm..what do I do with them?  That when I decided to use them and add this little disclaimer note to Martha:


Dear Martha.  I hope you are reading this.  I didn’t know if you meant these to be a gift to me but being it’s listed on the invoice that it was meant to be shipped to me, I am assuming you did.  If not, let me know and I will reimburse you the price of them.  I love the clips and will surely used them.  See…I’m using them already to bundle together the strips for my Rectangle Wrangle quilt.  They are perfect for that.   THANKS so much either way.  I really did need them and who knows when I would have gotten around to ordering them.  Thanks and seriously, if these weren’t meant to be a gift, do let me know.  I’ll reimburse you for them.  


That’s the last of my strips that need to be cut up.  Slowly, those blocks are coming together.  Thanks Martha for clips and helping these blocks get one step further along.

4 thoughts on “For Me??”

  1. I love Wonder Clips. Thought I had lost them all or left the whole box at a retreat. Found them in a box holding all the pieces of Bonnie’s last mystery together. They did a great job.

  2. I look forward to getting the mail everyday and even feel a little disappointed that I can’t walk out to the mailbox on Sunday lol…I used to go grocery shopping with my mom Friday afternoons after my dad brought home his paycheck…I loved going grocery shopping even though I didn’t always get things I wanted or asked for except maybe the new “Archie” comic or “Richie Rich”…for 10 cents…sometime 25 cents if it was a “big” issue! I still get a little thrill grocery shopping now because I know I can go into the store and buy whatever I want…if I want to spend $10.00 on Ice cream and candy I can! (Although I am still a little frugal and wouldn’t spend that much on treats)…always enjoy your posts….

  3. Dear Jo: They are yours. I read that you had the larger clips, and I just love the small ones for strips and blocks, so I thought you could use them. I’m sorry about no message, but there just wasn’t a way to get one to you in advance. I sure love your blog and am praying for a good result from your surgery and all the other things you’re going thru. I really appreciate all the wonderful quilts you do for charity. I do charity quilts too, but I’m not nearly as fast as you are. Please take care of yourself, you are a very valuable part of my every day.

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