Foot Update

When I last left you on my foot saga I said that I have planned to talk to the doctor and that we’d be moving forward with my foot surgery.  At the time I wrote that I had been told that the doctor only does surgery every other Friday.  That left me unable to get into the next Friday surgery schedule so I’d likely get moved to the August 12th date.  Well early last week I got a call and surgery is scheduled for August 4th.  WOW…that was faster than I anticipated.

That left me with a double whammy of feelings…excitement that there might be a light at the end of the tunnel and dread because I have to “walk” (with crutches) through that tunnel.

So after that phone call began the scramble.   I am anticipating taking just over two weeks off.  I had two appointments during that time…both of them had to be moved and squeezed into this quick week before surgery.

My mind has been flying with to-do lists….-pull up the rugs so I can move around the house easier with the scooter
-make some freezer meals
-get the spare bedroom sheets changed
-take care of everything in the garden that can be taken care of
-get some projects that can be done while sitting lined up
-get some baking done and frozen
-go through the garden and get it completely weed free

I’m trying to think of everything…

For the record.  I am a VERY poor patient.  I get frustrated easily.  I had sitting still.  I hate feeling weak.  I like to be the server…I don’t like being served.  I don’t love television.

This is going to be hard…but I am going to manage.

I do have a few to-dos that I am excited to finally be getting to…
-make rugs for the bathroom
-go through all of my quilt magazines and get rid of LOTS

There’s also a whole LARGE list of how can I’s..
-maneuver the stairs
-get some exercise for Ruby
-manage childcare

It’s all the things that people think about before surgery….people manage and I will too.

I am hoping to start back to work on August 22nd.  It’s going to be challenging but I’m up for giving it a try.  If the parents are patient with me and the kids have their “listening ears on”…we might just be okay.  Happily Kalissa has a lot of time off the week I go back to work so she’ll come and help me get adjusted.  I am so thankful I have good kids.  I do have an appointment on Tuesday the 2nd with my doctor…hopefully then I’ll know a few more details of the “can dos” and “can’t dos” and what to expect.

On a happy note, my blood tests all came back “A-okay” on my thyroid…yahoo.  Hopefully the foot will bring me good results too.

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  1. Good news about your thyroid! Glad you can move ahead with the surgery, even if a tad sooner than expected. I’m a doer, but I’m slowly learning that sometimes God’s plan is for me to allow others to serve me. Once I remember how gladly I do for others, it helps me remember that letting someone else do for me can bless them as well. May not work for you, but I thought i’d toss that out there.

  2. Hi Jo – I think Alicia would be happy to help you with walking Ruby! Let me know if that is something she could do for you.

  3. Dang. The ether ate my comment.

    Bathing: garbage bag and snug rubber band. Do keep that dressing dry-this works. Bath? Elevate operative leg on the bathtub rim.

    Stairs: Get crutches ASAP! Practice stairs NOW several times a day so you feel safe after surgery.

    Sewing: put a chair next to your sewing seat. Elevate your operative leg on that chair, padded with a pillow. Sew your heart out!

    Ruby: Will a neighbor kid walk her for 10 minutes morning and evening for a batch of cookies every few days? (small towns are fabulous for helping :-)

    Childcare: um….no suggestions there since there are regulations I don’t know anything about.

    Best of luck repairing your foot. I know many people with successful repairs of those bones. 6 months from now you will be glad you did it. Meanwhile, ice/elevate!

  4. The Olympics start August 5th, if you like that sort of thing. My hubby is having heart surgery Friday and I’m hoping things like track and field will keep him distracted.

  5. Betty (from Canada)

    Sew your self slly. I will be thinking of you. When I started to read Tina in NJ note I thought she was going to say that the Olympics were out for you this year. Then I read the full note. Did I ever laugh at myself.

  6. Yay! Good news on the thyroid test! Soon your foot will be on the mend too!
    For your down time, remember to have plenty of good audio books to listen to.

  7. Jo, make sure to keep your foot elevated and iced as much as possible for the first few days. It will make a big difference in how you heal. I’ve had surgery on both feet and know that complete healing takes a long time but if you don’t elevate and follow doctor’s orders at the begtinning, your feet may not ever feel their best again.
    Be glad for modern medicine and that you will be able to walk without pain again. I agree with Robby above, others will be glad to help you. They are passing on the help someone gave them when they needed it.

  8. Praying for a safe and speedy recovery. We all watch and try just a little to emulate you but you make it very hard, so I know you will get lots done even layed up. You will make us look like whimps compared to you.
    Thankful to hear your thyroid tests came back good!!!
    I have read your posts for more than 2 yrs now but I almost never post anything. You are always the highlight of my day.

  9. Karen Nicholson

    Great news about your thyroid. A suggestion for bathing – get a shower chair and use a hand held shower sprayer. I also used one of those temporary suction handles on the shower wall as a support while navigating in and out of the shower. I used these when I had foot surgery. Praying for your success.

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