Foot Update

Sadly, this won’t be the last foot update.  Don’t take that as bad news because it isn’t but it’s not quite as good as I had hoped.

My appointment was scheduled for Friday morning.  Originally Kalissa was going to take me but baby Carver decided to make his appearance to Hubby to the rescue.  It actually turned out perfect.  We went to my appointment and then went on to see Carver.

For those who don’t know I had surgery on August 4th to correct a bunion and problem with my plantar on my left foot.  I’ve had a cast since then and was hoping that Friday I’d have a walking cast/boot and would be able to be free from my scooter.

Cast came off…and then off to x-ray. I was really nervous because the nurse said to me that it was obvious that I hadn’t kept my foot up as much as I should have because it was really swollen.  UGH….I was worried about that….I was sure that I was in trouble.

…but it wasn’t bad new I heard. Instead, great news.  My doctor said that I was healing wonderfully.  His actual words were “you are a good healer”.  WOW.. that sounded awesome.

Now onto fitting me for a boot.


As the boot was being fitted is when I heard the bad news.Walking apparently doesn’t “just happen”.  Walking happens gradually over a couple weeks.

Yesterday I could put a little weight on it….today a little more then tomorrow a little more…the next day a little more.  Eventually by the time a week or two is up, I’m okay to actually walk.  UGH.  I am supposed to work my way to walking.

Apparently the scooter and I are sticking together for awhile.  I know I was naive to think it would be much quicker.  I should have known better.

I had planned to use the scooter a little as I know the activities of my day would be stressful but I didn’t realize that I would HAVE to.  It’s a little depressing but at the same time…good things have happened and there is progress.  I can bathe and get my foot wet.  The walking cast is removable.

Still…I’m over the hardest part.  I’m going to keep muddling along…at the same time, this all isn’t horrible.   I have that little grand baby that’s going to need some Grandma time.  I can’t think of a better thing to do then to snuggle up with Carver as my foot continues to heal.

15 thoughts on “Foot Update”

  1. I think it’s awesome! and you are right where you are supposed to be! BTW I love the mom and dad graduation shirts you had on!

  2. Good news! If you’ve never worn a boot before when you do get to walk with it it really works the muscles dragging that thing around. I had Bunion surgery on just my one foot as it caused me lots of pain when I was 30. The weirdest thing was my formerly very flexible toe had little to no feeling from the surgery. Years later I had random tingles as some of them regenerated. I still can’t pick up things as well with it as I could before surgery.

  3. Jo you are making progress and that is a wonderful thing, enjoy the boot. Congratulations on baby Carver making his appearance, you will be a marvelous Grandmother.

  4. Carver will love to cuddle with you! See his Kramer blood line is showing through…already to help family out where he is needed!!! Enjoy your cuddle time and don’t worry about spoiling…you have graduated to Grandmother status and you get to do anything you want now!!! ENJOY!

  5. Yahoo! Congratulations on EVERYTHING!! Enjoy some more couch time only now you get to snuggle with that new grand-son! And enjoy that soak in the tub! Please pass on my best wishes to Kalissa and her hubby! I am so happy for them!

  6. Stephani in N. TX

    You will be amazed how time will fly now that grandbaby is here. You will be looking FORWARD every single day and in no time you will be wondering how time passed so quickly. Baby will grow by the week, and before you know it, the cast will be history. Enjoy these next few weeks with your growing family.

  7. Congratulations to your whole family! So glad that little Carver arrived safe and sound, and both mom and little one are doing well. He is adorable – and loved the pics of mom, dad and Grandpa and Grandma. He looks very tiny when Grandpa is holding him. :-) Enjoy that snuggle time – and you have extra excuses to hold him a little longer. Good to hear that you are healing well – pretty soon you’ll be back to walking away!

  8. I’m so glad they could see progress in your healing. I can’t imagine how hard it’s been for you all this time. I know I take being able to walk around for granted. I have admit that there was a part of me that wanted to give that nurse a smack upside her head for that comment she gave you!

  9. Congrats on getting the cast off! Slow progress with the boot is still forward progress! Enjoy little Carver as you heal. He’s a beautiful baby!

  10. Love the shirt you had on at the hospital. Keep your chin up and follow the Dr instructions you will be glad you did in the end. Prayers for continued healing, and for the new grandbaby.

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