Foot Update

Yesterday marks my half way point of being laid up with my foot surgery.  Well, I’m not sure if that’s right.  More accurately it marks my three weeks with a cast.  I have three more weeks to go.  The date I am looking forward to is September 16th.  That’s cast off day.

I have x-rays and if everything looks good then, I will move on to a walking cast.  When we last talked about that I was told I’d need if from anywhere from 1-4 weeks depending on me.  At this point, I’m guessing I’ll wear it more during childcare to protect it and now in the evenings as I try to rebuild that foot and leg strength.

We ended up getting a second scooter for me.  Our house is two story with the bedrooms upstairs and my sewing room upstairs too.  Previous to the purchase of the second scooter, I was using crutches upstairs.  One night I almost took a tumble.  There was water on the floor, just a bit, and my crutch almost went out from under me.  Hubby said that’s it…another scooter.

Lucky for us we found it on a Facebook for sale sight.  It was only $100.  Now one stays upstairs and one downstairs.


It has made my life so much easier.  I don’t worry about going to the bathroom at night at all.

Everything that I do have been a learning process.  If I’m leaving the house, whoever is driving picks me up at the edge of our front porch.  I don’t have to manipulate the steps that way.  We figured out better ways for me to shower.  It all takes so much time and trial and error.

If you are ever thinking about foot surgery or you have it in your future I’d say this….There is a lot of stress on your good leg so have your surgery as soon as you can.
Learn to ask for help and get good at accepting it.
Be patient with yourself.
Have someone more agile that you help figure things out.  Kelli has helped me figure out how to get in out of the bathtub, even demonstrating how.  That has been priceless.
Sleep with your foot raised all the time.  It will love you in the morning if you do.

I’m doing good…still slow but I’m making it.  I certainly wish that time would quickly speed ahead but I am being pretty patient.  Hubby says I’m much better than he ever imagined.  I think that’s a compliment.

3 thoughts on “Foot Update”

  1. You have certainly had your strength and patience tested this year. I enjoy reading about your quilting adventures, but I love reading about your life, with all of its trials and tribulations. Your resilience is amazing. I am looking forward to lots of first grandchild stories in the coming months.

  2. Better safe than sorry. A fall could really set back your foot progress…not to mention, you might injure a different body part! With my bad knee, at various times, I’ve used a cane, crutches, a walker, and a wheelchair. All put strain / stress on other body parts. My good foot is now a larger size…and I have arthritis in both my shoulders from over-work, trying to take some of the weight off my bad knee. I was grateful to have mechanical assistance, but I was extra extra cautious, because for me, a fall would have been disastrous. I’m so happy to read that Roger and Kelli (and others) are pitching in to help you work thru your rehab. Sounds like you’re doing great…and right on track with your recovery. Hopefully, the next few weeks will go by fast!

  3. So glad you were able to get a scooter for upstairs too. Having had a few falls myself in other circumstances, I know it just takes a moment, in your case your crutch slipping, where it could have been disastrous and injured another part of your body. Be careful, and stay safe!

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