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I am working on a small project and I need 216 flying geese that finish at 1″ x 2″…  I’ve been sewing away.  I thought I would share a little tip with you that you probably already know, but maybe not.

Using stripes when sewing flying geese can be a bit tricky.

In the past I had quit using stripes for the background of flying geese because I hated it when the stripes went in opposite directions like they do in the second flying geese.  I like the background of my flying geese to have the stripe in the same direction like the sample on the top.  I would continually struggle with this until I just quit using stripes.  Then about a year ago I discovered this little gem of knowledge.


In the photos below:
Sew the first square on, trim and iron.  Lay the next square on top as shown…here’s the trick….ALWAYS lay the square on so that the background pieces are in opposite directions like I have shown.  See how the already sewn on background piece is going up and down?  Then the new piece is right side down and the stripe is going left to right.  The process is reversed in the second sample.


Trim and press open.  Your background pieces will ALWAYS be in the corresponding direction.
Now I am off to finish those flying geese…only about 150 more to go!

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