Flower Headband Using your Go!

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Here’s an EASY tutorial for you.  My daughter Kalissa loves things for her hair so I thought I would make her a flowered headband.


With your Accuquilt Go! and your circle die cut 14-3″ circles from fabric and 10-3″ circles from tulle.


Take a scissor and snip about 1″ into the circle going all the way around the circle.  Do this for all of the fabric and tulle circles.


Take all of the circles and run them under water getting them soaking wet.  Squeeze out the excess water.


Dry the pieces in your clothes dryer.  They will come out all crumpled.  Stack them together alternating tulle and fabric.


Sew a button to the center of the stack of circles.


Attach the flower to a headband or piece of elastic that has been sewn together.


Wear your headband in style!

If you want to see a video tutorial, you can check out this link.

For Homecoming last week, they had Cowboy day…of course my children can’t do the traditional thing….they have to do the crazy.  Here is Kalissa in the cow, yes cow costume we put together.  Don’t you love that udder…”udderly ridiculous”!

The cowprint headband was made from leftover of Kalissa’s cow costume….Kalissa is in love with zebra print.  I figured the cow print headband would match her zebra print clothes.  I love that crazy kid!

If you are looking for more projects to make with your Accuquilt Go!  Check out this link.

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