Normally I would have had a post written by now but that wasn’t meant to be….We’ve had what I would call a crazy day here.

It all started last night after supper.  What we thought was going to be a small amount of rain, turned torrential.  As we went to bed we didn’t think a lot about it.  Hubby checked the gauge and we had gotten about 1.5″.  It was a fast rain but it looked like it might be over soon…but as I adjusted the radar we saw that there would likely be another wave on it’s way.

We went to bed.  In the night I woke up to go to the bathroom and checked the radar again.  The next wave did hit.  In the countries north of us it was training over the same grounds.  When all was said and done, we had about 3.5″ of rain total.  That wasn’t horrible.  I looked out the upstairs window towards the river two blocks away I could see that it was out of it’s banks.

Before long reports started coming in.  Just 10 miles north of us they had rain and rain and rain.  Some places reported over 10″.  All of that rain was coming our way.

By mid morning the firemen were called out.  They could tell it was going to be bad.  They’ve been out sand bagging and working before when we’ve had floods so they know which families will need help.

Sadly there is no way to stop running flood waters.

This is what came to be from the time I woke, to the time we had supper.

This is the home of a wonderful family that lives in our town.  They have a beautiful home….


Here is another friend of ours home….they have three little ones.

I feel so awful for these families.  I can’t imagine looking at my home and not knowing what will be in store for me once I get there.  Both of these homes belong to people who actively help our little town.  I’m not too able bodied right now so I don’t know what help I can be.  That makes me a little sad.

Sadly there are other homes that were damaged too…

This is the street I take the kiddos down when we go to the park.


And this is the park.Originally I was going to try to take the kids to the park.  Kalissa had a day off work and I was hoping she might help me take them…no park today.  No park for some time.  Cleaning after the flood waters is going to be awful.


The river is now a lake.

Kelli came home and our son Buck came home.  Kalissa and Craig were around too.  The boys here went to help and the girls started making bars to feed the people.

We have a great community.  Firemen families and first responder families were all out along with lot of other volunteers to help where they could.  Area businesses donated food for the people who were out helping.

We had the childcare kids make pictures for the firemen.  We took them down to see the flood waters.  The flooding is part of their lives.  They need to learn the rath of nature and the strength of a community when they come together.

It will take some time but things will get better.

11 thoughts on “Flooding”

  1. Oh, how horrible. Guessing / hoping your house is on higher ground. Hope the water goes down soon so ppl can start the clean up. Take care of yourself, don’t overdo with your foot.

  2. We had severe weather with tornados yesterday. Today is clean up and hope for no more. No!!! injuries. Even with a Starbucks being demolished, the workers and customers stayed safe in the bathrooms. Too many taking chances to take pictures though.

  3. You are an amazing woman,Jo! You mentioned that with your cast you are not able to help, BUT you have!! You turned this situation into a life lesson for the little ones, and in years past you have done this with your own, as they all came home to help in one way or another. Prayers to you and your community!!

  4. Thinking of you and all who are affected. Small towns have limitations but there are none better when someone is in need. Take care !

  5. My neighborhood went through the floods (Irene) in 2011. My street is only a block long and most of the houses lost their furnaces, washers & dryers. It was devastating to see it as our house was one that didn’t flood but we had a lot of water in the street and backyard. I will keep your neighborhood in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. My prayers are with you and the families impacted by these terrible storms. We had severe storms last evening with tornado warnings although we were spared that. I can’t imagine what these poor families are going through. Bless you for doing what you can to help. I love the way small towns pull together in emergencies!

  7. Richard (in Charlotte, NC)

    Bless your heart. So sorry for the troubles in your area. I had a tree fall onto my house July 8th and I am still waiting on my landlord to finish up repairs inside one bedroom. I do not live in a flood-prone area but, I do believe that 10 inches of rain close by would not be a good thing at all. Prayers and well-wishes are being sent your way.

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