Flooded with Cards

A bit ago in the comment section Donna wrote:
“Your blog family is bigger than you thought!
You are loved and prayed for.”

Oh my word.  Seriously, I had no idea.  Donna told the truth.  When we announced that Kramer had cancer, we were flooded with cards from blog readers.  Kramer and I both loved it.  We would read them together.  We’d chuckle about a comment someone made.  We’d be shocked as some people sent money.  We loved reading about the lives of blog readers.

Some people were fighting cancer.  Some were just writing to cheer us on.  Some shared farm stories.  Some just signed their name.  Some were written on a piece of stationary.  Some were beautiful handmade cards.  No matter the card or the sentiment, they always brought smiles.

When Kramer passed away, again the cards flooded in.  This is a small sampling of cards from blog reader and others….

Here’s a mention of something for me to check out…Children’s Cabinet Stitchers from Reno NV on Facebook.  I did and oh my word.  Good for you gals.  I loved checking out the photos…

What a lovely handmade card.  I got so many.  Thanks to you all.  I loved them and greatly admire your talent.another wonderful homemade card…

Cards from gals who retreated with us…and they sent pictures of a happier time.  THANKS!!

Check out this amazing tatted cross that was sent.

Fun postcards from an Alaskan blog reader who also lost a husband.

I had several cards from stitching groups.  THANK YOU.  This is extra special.  Thanks for sharing my blog with your friends.  

SO-SO-SO many cards started out with these lines…“I read your blog every day but I never leave a comment.  I feel like I know you and your family personally.”
Thank you.  Those words are so special to me.  I only l wish I knew all of you the same way.

Cards and appreciated gifts from blog readers near…

and far…

I got many cards from readers who, like me, lost loved ones…many to cancer.  Many to other diseases.  Others lost fathers, mothers and children.  Thank you for sharing your pain with me.  It helped me.  You all helped me see there is another side to grieving.  This is something we all can get through.

This one made me SMILE!!  This is from a lady who is neighbors with one of my childcare families.  She watched the kids a day when I needed a little time off the week after Kramer died.  “Big Huggy” is something one of my childcare kids says to me all the time.

Patti is blog reader too and has been so sweet to me.

Cards like this came from the crew at my doctor’s office.  They weren’t Kramer’s staff…just mine.  I’m working on getting signed up for Marketplace Health insurance.  I’ve debated because the insurance will cost more if I continue to stay with my own doctors.  I’m deciding to pay the extra.  This is one of the MANY reasons why…they are KIND people.

This card came from my Dad’s home church along with a gift of money.  Oh my word.  This shocked me and made me cry.  The area where we lived is a settlement called Vista.  There are no stores…two churches that are close and the surrounding farmland for miles out is called Vista.

Knowing people from afar are watching out for me is so special.

We got a special card that included pictures.

There is Kramer mowing hay.  I adore this picture and plan to get it framed.  It’s from the family whose land he worked.  Each of the family members took time to write out one of their memories of Kramer.  All of the kids loved reading it as I did.

Here’s a card that came from Pine Needles in Rochester (for those of you not from the area it’s a quilt shop).  Back before we lived in Iowa Kramer worked on the owner, Marsha Nagel’s, farm.  Marsha and I did several crafty things together before we moved to Lawler and Kramer started working at the farm.  Marsha sent a gift card and asked me to meet her for lunch.  I’m looking forward to that.  Hopefully this summer!!

This note brought tears to my eyes too.  It’s from Kramer’s nephew.

Ah…the cards have been such a beautiful gift to me.  I can’t thank you all enough.  Seriously…medicinal.  Each one is like a huge hug and reassurance that there are people who loved and will miss him….assurance that if I need anything, I only need to ask…assurance that others are in the same boat as I am and are swimming again….assurance that our family is thought of, prayed for and loved by so many.  What more could a person need?  Thank you for flooding my mailbox with cards.

11 thoughts on “Flooded with Cards”

  1. You are a DEAR FRIEND to all of us on your blog. I have learned so much from you. Patience, Kindness and Love. What a sweet LADY you are. I look forward to all your blogs and am so happy you are getting along as good as anyone can who is going through what you are. Take care Jo

  2. The stories and memories people are sharing with you about Kramer…..aren’t they wonderful affirmations about who he was? Aren’t you just so proud of him?

  3. The thing about those cards, notes, stories and pictures is this… every one of those was written and sent by someone who felt their life had been touched by you and/or Kramer. This is one of those times you get to see what you have sown and how it has been cared for. If you and Kramer hadn’t reached out and touched all those folks intentionally, or with everyday kindness or simply in the way you live your life, your mailbox would not be overflowing. What a great affirmation of your lives.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    Such lovely cards and thoughts. They do help us through hard times. I know when my husband died people just flooded us with cards and gifts of money enough to keep the bills paid till our social security checks started coming in. Thank God for friends and family who care and show it.

  5. Donna Pheneger

    You’ll probably never meet most of us here on Earth but what a time we’ll have when we are reunited in Heaven!
    Love and prayers.

  6. We your blog family are listening and are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Kramer will be missed and was loved by us.

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