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Sorry to leave you all in the lurch about flooding and rain fall in our area.  Earlier this week I had said it was predicted to be bad again with places expecting in excess of 7″ of rain.  Well…the forecasters were right.  People did get in excess of 7″…thankfully it wasn’t us.

The first night of rain we got a few inches…to be honest, I don’t even remember how much.  I think 3″ or so.  The town that I grew up in New Richland Minnesota and the neighboring town of Waseca got nailed….over 13″ overnight in some places.  Here’s a picture of the nursing home that my Dad was at before he passed away.


Residents had to all be evacuated.  UGH.  I can’t imagine the work that has gone into saving this facility.

It was a mess in that area.

The next night, there was a new target for the excess rain.  It wasn’t us.  We got 4.4″ of rain, mostly overnight.  The Greene, Iowa area got over 13″ overnight.  The pictures from there are awful too….news is that the Clarksville area is a disaster too…Their water retention system was compromised and broke.

All of the water there is winding it’s way downstream reeking havoc on towns down river….and who is down river?

Our son Karl is a UNI college student in Cedar Falls, Iowa…that’s where the water is going.  So far, predictions are that this will be the 2nd worst flooding ever.

…and who is down river from there???Our son Buck.

He lives in Cedar Rapids.  In 2008 the flooding there was HORRIBLE.  They are expecting the river to crest at the second worst flooding ever.

Buck has been out sandbagging.  He has friends and co-workers that live in the predicted flood zone.  The people of the Cedar Rapids have gotten plenty of notice that the flood waters are coming so it’s everyone’s hope that the people in the city are properly prepared.

Of course there’s another wide card in the mix.  We are expecting rain overnight and into Sunday.  Again, heavy rain is predicted.  It’s a gamble on who will get the rain and how much.  We certainly don’t need anymore….I really don’t know of anywhere in Iowa that needs more.  We are rained out.  We need to dry out.  Farmers need to get to harvesting and people need to get back into their homes.

For now, we’re hoping that we again in the area that only gets a few inches vs the torrential rain.

7 thoughts on “Flood Update”

  1. Wow Jo, that is a huge amount of rain in a short time! Here in Australia we have had a very wet spring…seems like the wettest in years! It’s raining again this morning.
    There has been major flooding in Victoria but that is a long way from here. Our farm is very wet…almost like the Everglades at present!
    I hope Karl and Buck stay safe and that you don’t cop a deluge in your home town.
    Ps…Carver is so sweet xx

  2. Out here in CA we get no rain in the summer. I think the last time we got rain was in the first of April. I wish we could take some of it off your hands.

  3. Betty (from Canada)

    We have had a lot of wet weather. Nothing like you guys have but enough so the farmers can’t harvest..Hope the weather straightens out down your way and up here too.

  4. We’ve been having RED FLAG warnings off and on for the past month. We’ve been lucky that our fire fighters have been able to get to the few fires quickly that we’ve had. Hope you don’t get any more rain! Tell it to come back out West!

  5. Jo, watching the flooding in Iowa makes me heartsick. I live in Louisiana where we received 26-30 inches of rain in a 24 hour period just over a month ago. There is not a single person in a three parish (county to the rest of the states) unaffected. Two of my sons and their families homes were flooded. It will be years before our communities recover. It’s been called the Great Flood of 2016, and a 1000 year flood. Thousands of homes flooded that were not in flood zones.
    My prayers are with everyone in the path of the flood waters your state is receiving.

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