Flat Toilet Paper: It’s in fashion here

So what do you do with little ones who think the toilet will flush no matter how much toilet paper they throw in…..Flatten the toilet paper!


As my babysitting saga continues….
The little ones here have been rolling out a three foot long piece of toilet paper and then leaving part of it on the floor (yuck) or stuffing all of it in the toilet.  I fixed them though….I flattened toilet paper so it can’t just roll off when they twirl the roll.  Aren’t I a meanie?!  I have to balance off all the cookies and spoiling somehow.  I can’t have them thinking I am a big softy.

2 thoughts on “Flat Toilet Paper: It’s in fashion here”

  1. What a great idea! When my girls were little I told them they could take “blank” number of toilet paper sheets today. When they sat down to go to the bathroom, they counted out the little sheets as they unrolled slowly. It helped with their counting practice, too, and we never had trouble with too much TP in the toilet again.

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