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It’s been a bit since we tackled any projects in the house.  To be honest, we were tired….really tired of fixing.  Then there was all the outside things to do this summer like the rest of the cement, the lawn and the garden.

Hubby is out of the field now and is working more of a normal schedule of hours.  It gives him a little time off and a little more time to tackle a project or two.

This year is the year of wood work.  Who know how much we’ll get done over the winter..but it’s time to start in.

One of the spare bedrooms upstairs never got finished.  We had stripped it but we never stained and varnished it.  At the time there was work to do upstairs and Hubby needed a room up there that he could work out of.  This bedroom was it.

I had talked to him and told him that over Christmas break when I am taking a couple days off childcare that I wanted to finish that bedroom floor.   He suggested that we not wait until then.  So Thanksgiving weekend after the kids left he cleaned the room out….


We swept and vacuumed and vacuumed some more…then I stained it.  Hubby isn’t good with hands and knees work so staining is always my job.


Then over the next week he’d varnish the floor.  It was so easy compared to when we did the whole house.  Well that’s when we started thinking….the room is empty, why didn’t start of redoing the trim in this room.  UGH.  We should have done that first.  We should have taken all the trim off BEFORE we redid the floor.  UGH!!

Well we didn’t really care that much about this room after all it’s just a spare bedroom….but the opportunity to do won’t come any sooner.  So…..

He went up and ripped the trim off….Yep, scuffing up the new floor.  It’s not really scuffed much.

It’s not really a bid deal because once the trim is back on we’ll put another coat of varnish on.

So if you’re looking for Hubby you’ll find him here….in the garage working on the trim.



So that’s the news on the remodeling front.

6 thoughts on “Fixing and Remodeling”

  1. Great job between the two of you. It’s nice to get things finished, it will look good. Merry Christmas to you all and enjoy.

  2. I have stripped and finished a whole lot of baseboards in my life and I’ve never pulled them off to do it. I just do it in place. I love that old wood.

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