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If you are long-time blog reader, think back to 2016 about this time… I was so happy as we had found another scooter on a Facebook For Sale site.  I had foot surgery and needed help getting around.  I had one scooter for upstairs and one for downstairs.

Can you believe that I went back to childcare two weeks after surgery and took care of kids while wheeling around on a scooter?  UGH.  It was hard but I did it.  I had a lot of determination and if I put my mind to something, watch out.  It will likely happen.

I had surgery because I was having trouble with my foot.  I had injured it while racing up the stairs.  Kelli’s dog cut in front of me.  I twisted my foot.  I immediately knew something was wrong.  We tried a variety of things and came to the point that surgery was probably a good option for me.  While the doctor was in there fixing he decided to fix a bunion.  At this point, the bunion wasn’t bothering me but the doc felt it would be soon.  I went with it thinking one less surgery down the road.

The surgery really didn’t fix my foot.  I exchanged one pain for a discomfort.  My foot has never been the same and for the most part, had I known what I know now, I likely wouldn’t have had the surgery done.  But I did and here we are.

I’ve been having new trouble with my foot.  I’ve had a lot of pain in the arch area….same foot.  I have flat feet…I always have.  I ran barefoot all of my life and I still prefer to…but now, if I do, it’s not as fun as my left foot acts up and makes life a little not so comfortable.

I was at the chiropractor for my hip and ended asking her about my foot.  I told her I was debating about what to do…go to the doctor…go to someplace that specialized in footwear…or what?  She told me she thought my foot needed some extra arch support and maybe I should try good shoes.  She said that nowadays it’s hard to find shoes with good arch support.  I wear Asics shoes and she said they are known to be good for arch support.  So maybe my next step might be to try some better archs.

I hate buying archs.  I’ve tried before with little luck.  I ended up buying… these arch supports from Amazon.

Find them HERE on Amazon.

I’ve been wearing them for about three weeks now and have really, really liked them.  They are by far the best arch support I’ve ever tried.  I love that they are a sleeve…almost like a compression sock in the arch area with a gel pad.  I love that I can adjust the arch for what feels comfortable for my feet.

They come in a pack of four and weren’t very expensive, $15 for four pairs.

I’ve only had foot pain when I don’t wear them…so I wear them.

Another thing I’ve appreciated about them is that I can wear the gel pads only and go barefoot.  I hate wearing shoes around the house so once childcare is done, I pop my shoes off and wear the arch supports only.  What can I say?  I can’t be good all day and if that is as rebel as I get, so be it.

I’ve also worn them in flats…they worked great.  Yes, you could see the band a little bit but it wasn’t bad.  They can be worn with almost any kind of shoe and that’s awesome.

Anyway, I thought I would share as I’m sure I’m not the only one dealing with terrible arches.  Hopefully, this can help someone else.

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  1. Oh Jo! Thank you so much for this post. I too deal with flat feet and the older I get the worse it is getting. I’ve noticed pain not only in the arch of my left foot, but also in the ankle. I’m wondering if this is why I have hip pain on that side of my body?

  2. Katherine Gourley

    Hi Jo—Check out I just bought Black Stretch — Witchita on Sale. Usually 129.95 for 89.95. Free shipping. 6o day trial and free returns. There are many styles to chose and all are on sale up to 25%. You will not regret buying them and will help your painful foot.

  3. Cheryl in St. Paul

    As soon as I thank you, I’m ordering those gel supports. I struggle with flat feet, too. I’ve found Taos shoes to be best for me. They are pricey, but I think worth it. I’m a former co7ntry girl and I’ve always gone barefoot, too!

    I loved seeing your family having so much fun at the wedding!

  4. Hi Jo,
    I can relate to your experience. I too regret having foot surgery….
    The one thing that helped quite a bit is wearing custom
    made orthotics.Expensive, but worth every penny.Being on me feet all day, working as a nurse, the orthotics helped a-lot. My dr also recommended Brooks shoes( Aerial style) I am also flat footed and have narrow feet.
    Best wishes!

  5. Thanks for these comments. I had a horrible case of sciatica this spring and am now starting to feel neuropathy pain and numbness In both feet—across the arches and in my ankles from time to time. I never even thought of arch supports so maybe that’ what I need. I too go barefoot. I need to get some decent shoes with good support.

  6. I started having arch problems after having 3 kids. My problems were when pregnant I wore slippers alot and had gained weight. I tried “good” supporting shoes and all kinds of arches including custom ones. Long story short, the pain was so bad I could barely walk. Finally,
    it was diagnosed as planter faciatus (sp?). I had a simple surgery done when I was 50 something and haven’t had pain since. Good luck with your issue.

  7. Another good brand of shoes – especially sandals- is Vionic. I have many pairs, as well as their inserts. They have many styles in wide widths. But I need to remember to wear arch supports when I’m home – which is a good deal of the time.

  8. I had the same experience. I had bunion surgery and it ruined my feet. Although the bunions really hurt too. So I traded hurting bunions for uncomfortable numb feet. I also went bare footed a lot which I can no longer do. With time things are less uncomfortable. I wear New Balance running shoes most of the time and have a huge number of pairs of “regular” shoes since I am always looking for a pair of comfortable somewhat stylish shoes. I still almost always wear my running shoes. I am going to try your arch supports to see if they help.

  9. Jo I broke my heel in 2 places this year and had a lot of pain. I bought a pair of sneakers called HOKA which is a sort of running shoe made by runners. They were an experience as soon as I put them on. They have so much padding that it’s like walking on air. I’ll say they are pricey (about $150) but worth every penny. If I’m going to be on my feet for any length of time or going walking that’s what I wear. Then I an wear regular shoes or even sandals when I’m just running outside or for short trips. For sure I’ll keep a pair of these close by. I was really amazed at how good they feel. I was wearing good shoes New Balance , Asiacs or other good shoes. These Hokas are like night and day. I tried VIonics and they did not work with my knee replacement. They try to realigned your gait and this new knee does not want to be realigned so that was wasted money. Just try a pair of HOKAS on and see if you feel the difference. Walk around in the store for a few minutes. I could tell in about 4 minutes how different they were. Good luck finding something that helps.

  10. If your insurance covers going to a foot doctor, find a good one. It took me several years and many surgeries to fix my feet but I trusted my MD all the way. Sometimes doctoring yourself is the not the best way to go.

  11. I’ve heard people rave about Kuru shoes for foot problems. They have a website and they’re also sold on Amazon. (I have no affiliation, just passing on a recommendation.)

  12. Judith Fairchild

    My Dr. Reccomended bunion surgery for me a couple of years ago. I asked why he said well your feet have to hurt. I told him no they didn’t. I also told him I had sent to many people that had bunion surgery and had more pain not less. I am so sorry your feet hurt. Thank you for posting about these arch supports. My daughter’s feet hurt all the time. She’s a former nurse and her new job she’s on her feet alot.

  13. I also have flat feet (thanks mom) and recently my outer right ankle began hurting terribly. I went to a good foot doctor, who put me in a brace. It resembles those old black leather victorian style shoes our grandmas wore, Laces, then hooks. It goes inside a size larger/and wider shoe after I struggle with it. I wear it all day, then take it off at night. Will not wear it outside as it would be easy to fall with it. I have had 5 foot surgeries and now the front portion back of my toes is all filled in with arthritis. Looks like there are lots of women who have foot trouble. I hope you can deal with the bands you got. I have some of those too but they don’t work for my problem. My ankle is also pronating in so both sides hurt! Ah it’s so fun to get old!!

  14. I too have extremely flat feet, I was having pain and swelling so I went to the podiatrist. He wrapped my foot in an ace bandage, instant relief, and sent me to a good shoe store. I need to wear “house shoes” instead of go barefoot which I prefer. They put me in Birkenstock’s that have a good arch, and the pain is gone. It’s amazing how arch supports help, no surgery for me.

  15. A similar thing happened to me: Proactively, a local orthopedic surgeon suggested that, while he was doing one surgery, he’d possibly perform another surgery that could solve a problem that may or may not have happened yet. I had a painful knee (twisted in tennis) that “buckled” unexpectedly. The orthopedic surgeon found “an object” in the knee joint on an x-ray and offered to put me on his surgical schedule the next day and remove it. While he was at it, if he found a torn meniscus, he’d “fix” that, too. Or, I could wait three weeks to get on the MRI schedule to be sure about the meniscus. I chose to forego three weeks of pain, just go ahead and have him remove “the object” and maybe “fix” the meniscus. As expected, he removed “debris” in the joint and “shaved” (removed part of) the meniscus. I feel fine, and am even going back to tennis in two weeks. But since, I have done further research and read (Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine, 2020) that results of meniscus repair (if possible) are far superior to meniscus removal. Should I have done more online research? Probably. Should I have gotten a second opinion? Probably. Should I have asked the doctor to define “fix.” Yes. I know now that if I didn’t hear the word “repair” before I heard the word “removal,” I should have postponed the procedure(s), endured the pain, and obtained a second opinion. Should I have found another surgeon, one who advocates for repairs over removal whenever possible? Probably. Would the outcome have been different or better ? It’s hard to know and too late now. As my mother used to say, “Live and learn.”

  16. My son is about to have major foot and ankle surgery. When he was younger a big motorized cart ran over his foot and he has had trouble ever since. Of course he did not tell Mom and Dad at the time. He probably needed a boot then. Thanks for the tip. Maybe he will need them after surgery.

  17. Hi, Jo. I don’t have flat feet, but I do have arthritic knees. My sister had major knee surgery after she fell and shattered it. Her ortho recommended Brooks tennis shoes. I started wearing them and really love the support. Just an FYI.

  18. My Orthopedic RN recommendation is Birkenstocks for indoor only. Your foot creates the footbed support your own feet need. A custom fit just for you. I keep my indoor pair under my long-arm.

    Our feet are so critical, they are worth good $ to keep us going for the long haul.

    1. Highly recommend Katy Bowman’s book “Simple Steps to Foot Pain Relief.” (I love her books. She is a biomechanist and has a great book called “Dynamic Aging” as well. FYI I am not associated with her in any way.) Also recommend physical therapy to address foot issues; in almost all other health issues, a splint/cast/orthotic device is meant to be used UNTIL the patient can go without, but often foot doctors provide the device and no other therapy.

  19. Years ago I had flat feet also. But have worn clogs for more than 15 + years. I believe this is what has helped my feet. My arches are now higher because of the action you get when walking with clogs.
    I do believe I remember you were getting a pair of clogs at one time.

  20. Jackie Trembley

    Thanks for the tip on the arches. I’m going to try them. I also have flat feet and right now my plantar fasciitis is acting up!

  21. Orthotics may be the answer, Jo. Not cheap, but they are worth every Penny I paid that my insurance did not cover. They support my very high arch, and have cured knee pain. Love them.

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