Fix it Girl

Last week I spent one evening playing “fix it girl”.  One of the moms of my childcare kids commented that she was frustrated.  She had bought two new dresses for her daughter and after only a couple wears the seams had come out in a couple spots.

Let’s just say that my dislike of repair jobs was overtaken by love of the little gal so I volunteered to fix them.  So a few days later these things showed up.  Dolly had lost a leg, the dress to the left was loosing the lower ruffle and the dress to the right should strap had a malfunction.

I vowed to do them immediately before they got lost in the fray or before summer was gone and she couldn’t wear them.

A short half hour later all was fixed and I was happy.  Doing this little bit of patching was so much more enjoyable than patching Hubby’s jeans.

I can honestly say I didn’t mind it a bit but the title of “fix it girl” is a title I prefer to only wear for a short period of time…I do have to admit though…I am a sucker when it comes to the childcare kids.  I’ll do most anything.

4 thoughts on “Fix it Girl”

  1. I, too, enjoy fixing things for others. Everything from hemming a new pair of jeans to replacing a zipper in an otherwise new child’s jacket or fixing a whole in a sweater. Everyone is always so grateful.

  2. I am the go to auntie when it comes to fixing pretty much anything that requires a needle. I love to help out the kiddies. Everyone else I charge :) I love the kids, not the repairs LOL

  3. One Sunday when in the church nursery when my daughter was little, I noticed a little girl had a loose section of the binding of her blanket. I had a needle and thread in my purse so I fixed it for her. Every few weeks after that she would walk up to me and hand her blanket for more stitching. The girls are now in their twenties and she still remembers those Sunday blanket repairs.

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