Five Little Monkeys Reading in Bed

Kayla was so sweet when Kelli went to the hospital.  She called me and said, “Mom, how can I help?”  I told her that I was going to have to be helping Kelli so I was going to get behind on blog posts.  She said she would write a couple to try to help.  Isn’t she the best daughter??

This is a guest post from Kayla…

Jasper and I enjoyed the beautiful weather in Iowa last week. We went for a long walk to The Cone Shop. It is a locally-owned place with a Dairy Queen or A&W type food selection. Watching Jasper eat his ice cream cone made my day.

He is definitely his father’s child and managed to stay clean enough for us to try the library afterward.

We found the most adorable book…Five Little Monkeys Reading in Bed.

It’s a take on the rhyme only the monkeys read in bed and Mama comes in and says, “Good night! Sweet dreams! No more reading in bed!”

This happens a couple of times until Mama takes all of the books away. Then the little monkeys hear Mama laughing and crying so they find her reading in bed and repeat her words back to her.

I had to send a copy to my siblings with kids because it reminded me of a similar time in our family. For some backstory, we had to run laps around the house when we got in trouble. It was genius because most of us hated running and it got us out of the house long enough to cool off a bit. When we tried arguing with Mom she would just count instead of arguing back.

One day, for whatever reason, Mom’s five little monkeys were being ridiculous. I think we had to get the cleaning done but we were laughing and playing pranks and telling bad jokes instead. Mom declared that the next person to so much as giggle was running a lap.

You guessed it, the next person to laugh was Mom. We all loved telling her to go run a lap and cheer her on.

My gift note read, “We loved this book and thought you folks might too. It made me think of the time that Grandma Jo told us that the next person to laugh would be in trouble but then she laughed!  Love you!”

Jo writing now…
An update on Jasper:
Jasper had an overnight stay in the hospital on Friday night.  He has been hospitalized three times in the last three months with breathing problems for three days, four days, and thankfully just overnight this last Friday. At this point, they are suspecting viral asthma which means he has an asthmatic reaction to exposure to viruses like the common cold. He has been referred to doctors in Iowa City.  I hope we learn more soon on how best to help Jasper.

On Friday night three of my nine grandchildren were all in the hospital.  Crazy!!

15 thoughts on “Five Little Monkeys Reading in Bed”

  1. What cute book and such a good memory your children have! Will hope and pray that Jasper will have good results from further tests.

  2. So sorry about Jasper. Hope he is better soon. I love your family. It is wonderful. I only have 1 brother. We were 4 years apart so we loved each other but had so many different interests. He was sports oriented. I read, sewed and loved dancing.

  3. What a fun post and book idea, Kayla! Hope they find out what is affecting Jasper and can help him. Prayers for you too, sweet mama.

  4. Praying for those grandsons. I have not seen this 5 little monkey book before. I have most of them. Jasper was so cute eating his ice cream cone. Children are so special.

  5. We were a family, with 4 girls. Sometimes when we got punchy with laughing, mom made us run around the block. She always watched, to see if we were still laughing, when we passed the house behind ours. We usually sobered up before getting home.

  6. Book words and your family monkey story is funny. Haha! Don’t make me tun a lap around the house. :-)
    Sorry your grandson had to go to hospital again. No fun with asthma for sure. I’ve had asthma problems as well. But I have inhalers to use and essential oils from Young Living that are good to help to breathe better. Some for children too. Thieves chest rub with no petroleum are good for them too.
    Hopefully your twin grandsons are doing good.
    Have a good week.

  7. I laughed at the running consequence. When teaching my son sight words during breaks as a school bus driver, I made flash cards and if he got 10 words correct in a row, he’d get to run around the bus 3 times :) He would make side deals for me to race him if he got x words in 1 minute too :D

  8. Jasper has such a sweet smile on his face and watching him eat his cone makes me smile. I do hope he is feeling better and they can solve his health issue. My goodness, that book brought back so many memories of reading Monkey books to my own children and then playing the game Barrel of Monkeys. Lol for having to run around the house, I can picture it.

  9. Jasper looked so cute enjoying his ice cream cone! Then I read that he was in the hospital for breathing problems one night. I hope you are all aware that milk and milk products cause the mucus in the lungs, nose, and throat to thicken for a time after consuming. This would definitely cause breathing problems in anyone who already has difficulties with breathing.

  10. Judith Fairchild

    Loved the Monkey’s reading story. And running around the house story. So sorry about Jasper being in the hospital. Praykng for you all ut especially now for the littles.

  11. Kayla, your little Jasper is adorable. Typical kid taking a bite of the bottom of the cone. That brought back memories. Sorry to hear he had another hospital stay. Hopefully you will find some answers soon.

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