Five Inch Squares Please??

In this morning’s blog post I told you about treadling…  I have something more to tell about that and ask a favor….

Did you see this picture?

If you look…you can see toys in the background of my treadling machine picture.  Neighbor Girl was over.  She’s been over a lot again lately.  It seems to go in streaks. She was hanging out at our house for the day.  She is welcome to do what she wants when she’s here treating it like her home.  I think she likes the peace and lack of loud voices that come with a house full of teens and adults.  If I’m baking she sometimes bakes with me…sometimes she plays toys.  I think they have moved enough in her life that she doesn’t have many “toys” anymore, being forced to grow up.  I think she enjoys the toys and being able to be a kid.  I remember being at the awkward age of wanting to be and adult but still loving to play.

When I got out the treadle, she was all bright eyes!!  I told her that I was going to turn my treadle around and watch Netflix while I sewed.  She ended up going home and getting the sewing machine I gave her.  I showed her how to thread it again…showed her how to wind a bobbin too.  Then she asked if I had more 5″ squares.  I had some and gave them to her.

By the time we got both of our machines going, it was after 8pm in the evening and she had to go home.

The next day was Sunday and by 9am she was back…she had set her machine up at home.  She had taken her cousins laptop and had set it up so she could sew and watch Netflix-just like me.  How precious!!  Anyway, she had her quilt top done and wanted to show me…..not ironed yet.  She doesn’t have an iron or ironing board.
I have a table top ironing board and an iron I think I’ll give her.  She sleeps on the living room couch and doesn’t have a room so maybe the small ironing board could just slip under the couch.

When she first started sewing I showed her how to make a 8×8 quilt top with five inch squares…I need to get her to make them just a tad bigger…or teach her how to add borders.  Little by little we’ll get to it.

Long ago, when I first told you all about Neighbor Girl, so many of you offered things for her.  I had said that I’d let you know if she needs something….Well, she could use some 5″ blocks of fabric.  In the quilt here she did alternate blocks but in others she’s done, she’s done a mix of colors so the squares don’t need to match, don’t need to be from a fabric line…random is perfect.  If you have two matching charm packs that would be perfect too.  She’s got a real sewing bug in her and she’s a fabric petter.  She loves the sorting and organizing of it all.  It’s really good for her as she’s doing a lot of counting and figuring.

I’m going to help her machine quilt the tops she does and she plans on donating them.  What a sweetie!  I think I am going to teach her how to make pillow cases next so if anyone has 3/4 of a yard of fabric or a pillowcase kit, she could use that too.  I imagine she’s going to go crazy with making pillowcases and want to make cases for her whole family….she is so thoughtful like that.

She could also use a sewing basket with scissors, a couple spools of thread, seam ripper, Singer sewing needles and basic sewing things as she sews at her house now too.  Before she always used my stuff and sewed here.

If you want to send something, how about dropping me an email first so I can keep track so we don’t get too much stuff and overwhelm her.  I could all this myself but I have had people ask to help…so I’m opening it up. ***EDIT-  We have had plenty volunteers.  THANKS.  I will let you know if we need something again.  THANKS SO MUCH!

Here’s my address:

Thanks so much for offering to help…

9 thoughts on “Five Inch Squares Please??”

  1. How sweet that she wants to mimic you! You are making a lot of memories for that child. I had a “second mother” growing up, too. I was always over there and learning things from her!

  2. You are giving her lessons in quiet living too. Baking, sewing, being calm and thoughtful, and playing with “stuff” are all lessons that she is probably missing at home. It is priceless.

  3. You are an angel for this young girl. You are giving her a chance to see a better choice in life. How sad that she sleeps on the couch…that is so hard for me to grasp. God bless you Jo!!

  4. Ok, 2nd post on same day, sorry lol, but I had meant to mention , during an earlier post, my elderly neighbor who used to watch me while mom took my sister to many doctor appointments for thyroid issues when I was young. Ivy Mills let me sort and play with her fabric scraps. I would dress my dolls in wrap dresses. And slide down her banister. She was great. You do wonderful things for the kiddos in your life. Blessings for your coming week.

  5. Good to hear about Neighbor Girl! I have been wondering about her! Too bad she doesn’t even have a bed of her own! She is learning so much from you Jo; life long skills and much love and compassion for others!

  6. Thank-you for the help you are giving this person. How are are donations piling up? I will e-mail you in a bit too see what you need. I am sure I can get a small box together. A great way to thin out my stash and doubles. I might be able to throw in a panel for your friend to work on. My nieces never wanted to sew with me.

  7. Hi, I’ll send an email with pics if you want. I have a small sewing basket that I have lined with fabric and whatever thread she might need. I also would be happy to make a couple of pillowcase kits but would like to make them appropriate to the people in her family. Also have a layer cake called Gypsy Girl that I’ve hoarded for years—I think it is meant for NG.

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