Five Frugal Things

I always read  The Frugal Girl’s blog.  She was encouraging us all to tell five frugal things we did this week.


…Here goes…

1)  I patched pants.  UGH!  Even though I hate it, I did it.  I patched two for Hubby and two for Buck when he came home.

2)  I hit up the thrift store when I was in Decorah.  It was deal day-buy one shirt and get a second shirt free.  I got a shirt for $2 to wear to Kalissa’s bridal shower.  I got another shirt that I’ll wear for childcare.  This also saved money by my not having to make a special trip to a bigger city to find something to wear.

3)  We didn’t spend anything for entertainment this weekend.  We went to friends on Friday night, Saturday night too and to Kalissa’s on Sunday night.  I brought two things to each event to share but didn’t spend money on anything fancy to bring.  Making deviled eggs and rice pudding are both dirt cheap.

4)  I have to take continuing education classes for childcare.  Most cost a little bit of money.  I applied for a scholarship to take an on line class and I got it.  I’ll get 15 hours in for free.  Typically 15 hours would cost around $100.  It’s a class I’m interested in so it’s a win-win.

5)  I was once told that by keeping up with book work and keeping accurate book work a person can make more money that their actual hourly wage.  All my book work is up to date.

Sometimes I forget all the things I do that really do save us money…I’m glad I learned many of these early on and also am glad that I have continued on with these money saving ideas.

I’d love to add some more money saving ideas to my list… please share your ideas in the comment section.

4 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things”

  1. I always think I’m very frugal until I read a blog like this. I prefer to shop at secondhand stores; not only to save money, but also I feel like it’s a treasure hunt! So, added fun for me. I also repair clothing before I replace (even socks) and we spend very little on entertainment. However, applying for that grant was something I would have never thought of! Way to go Jo!!

  2. I am reminded of a comment by an in-law. I mentioned that I had made a purchase and it was on sale and how much money I saved. His reply, you did not save money, you would have saved it if you put it in the bank, you spent money, just not as much as you would have.

    That made me think. I buy on sale. I find if I stay out of stores I save money. My husband picks up odds and ends when he goes out on his errands. Then when I really want something I don’t feel like I am splurging, it is something I need.

    But you are the ultimate saver, in ways unimagined. Love reading your blog. Like taking a daily vitamin

  3. When shopping with my Iowa-born mother, when I was a child, she always said, “We’ll go home and think about buying this. If you still want it tomorrow, we can come back. If it’s been sold, then you weren’t meant to have it.” Most of the time, I didn’t still want it! I still hear that in my head when I’m shopping, and still think before buying.

    Another thing I do, which you do also, Jo, is to use my public library instead of buying books that I know I’d only read once. Quilting books are an exception, but I buy many of those used.

  4. I love to read and my Kindle is such a space saver! I have over 3,000 books on mine and I have paid for 3 of them. I found a couple of different free services that email me a selection of free and reduced price books in the genres I want…and I only “buy” the free ones!! Being frugal used to be looked down upon in the age of excess, but now that most folks have to tighten their belts, being frugal is just plain common sense! I love finding ways to save money. Now I just need for someone to teach me how to make a new collar for my husband’s nice shirts that he wears to work!! They are frayed from his beard and the rest of the shirt is perfect!!!

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