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I’ve blogger many times about my Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker.  I have loved it ever since I got one two years ago.  In July I started suspecting that my steps were no longer tracking accurately.  They the screen would go blank from time to time.  I figured after two years, it was time for a new one so I ordered another.

It came the end of July and I was so happy.  Two weeks in, this one quit working.  I went through a tutorial on youtube and found I needed to make sure the battery was connecting.  Mine wasn’t and it was a quick fix.  A week or so later it wasn’t working again.  UGH.  I was crabby.

I contacted the company and they gave me a suggestion.  It didn’t work.  I contacted them again and GREAT NEWS…they sent me a new one free of charge.


That made me smile.  I’m sporting a new green one now and I am happily walking my 10,000 steps every day again…well once in while it’s a little less.  Weekends are hard for me.  I try to catch up on the blog and end up sitting at the computer or sitting at the sewing machine…all things I very much enjoy just things that don’t generate steps.

I keep plugging away though.  Often my weekday steps are enough that I still average 10,000 a day.

I love companies that stand by their products and Fitbit is one of those companies!!  For those interested some time ago I did a blog post about my Fitbit answering some reader questions.  You can find that here.

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