Fit to Frame Along

I will be interested to see how many of you decided to work along with me on the Fit to Frame Along.  I know lots of you have fear of applique like I do but when giving the wool option, I thought I might entice a few of you.

If you didn’t join yet and want worries. You can join anytime you like.  Here’s the pattern…

Fit to Frame: Pattern Six - Grandmother's Garden

You can purchase it here.  You have the option of working in wool or in cottons…whatever you choose.  Trust me, there is still plenty of time to catch up!

I am working in wool.  I still have yet to master cotton applique.  Here is my January block…


and here is the February block.


Being I had time in the hotel last week, I worked ahead.  I prepped all of my blocks so now all I will have to do is stitch them each month.  This is going to be really handy later in the year when the outside work kicks in and the wedding comes.  Feel free to do that if you want too.

Now here are your blocks….

Nancy in PA is working with cottons…


Nancy is working with cottons too.

Lyn is playing along too.  Here’s her cat Chocolate Mousse showing off her block.  Isn’t this going to be great with red backgrounds??


Are any bloggers playing along…I hope so!

If you have a block done and want to share, send you picture to and I’ll add it.

3 thoughts on “Fit to Frame Along”

  1. This is not something I would normally make… but, my hand applique needs a lot of work and I think this would get me in shape – so I just ordered the pattern and will be joining in.

  2. I was going to wait until I get back home in April as I just might have this pattern at home. Then you posted your first block and I ordered the pattern from Country Threads so I’m jumping in to sew along with you.

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