Fit to Frame Along for August

Wow…July flew.  At the time I wrote the post last month, we had just found out the house might be available and I was knee deep in the double wedding ring quilt.  In between and 4th of July, traveling to and from family things, and a couple auctions I was able to get some stitching done.  So I am able to present next month’s block and it’s already finished!!  Ya-hoo!!


Here are your blocks from last month.

This is Nancy’s block.  This is one of those blocks where I think I have every one of the fabrics!

I love Lyn’s block.  She inherited fabric from her Grandma and tries to incorporate some in the projects she makes.  Can you believe my mom had fabric when she passed away and I didn’t keep any??  I could just kick myself.  At least Lyn was smart.


We’ll try to pick winners this weekend if we get time. Saturday we’re working on the house..Sunday is family picnic day. Maybe Friday. I’ll get to it..promise. Oh and if you missed the prize list, it’s here.

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