Fit to Frame Along

Happy 4th to the American readers.

I think it was a hard month of all the Fit to Frame Along gals….we don’t have many blocks in at all.

I managed to get mine finished thanks to a late night of watching “The Dog Whisperer” via Netflix.  Here it is…


I have next month’s block finished too.  I had worked ahead on that one way back in January when Hubby and I were away.  I just knew the summer months would get me so I picked the July block and just finished it back in January.  I know that’s cheating a bit but I also know my life.  It gets so crazy busy with the garden and family things…Stop by later today.  I have BIG news that will jumble things up here at the Kramer house even more-but that’s for later today…anyway here’s next month’s block.


Nancy in PA, ever faithful, ever true, got her block done.  Part of me wishes I would have bit the bullet and done applique.  Isn’t it gorgeous??

FittoFrameAlong-Nancyin PA
Nancy has her’s all done and ready to show off too.


Here is Lyn’s block along with her kitty Mousse.

FitToFrame-June-lynIf all goes well, we’ll be back on Friday with winners.

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  1. I don’t call that cheating – I call it wise planning! Your blocks all look great. I think the summer months are always harder to keep up with quilting commitments. There’s always so much else going on!

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